Stay Fit with Exercise Equipment

Boost your fitness levels with exercise equipment from Walmart Canada. Whether you want a weight bench for strength training, an elliptical machine for cardio workouts or mats and blocks for your yoga routine, you can find top-notch equipment from trusted brands tailored for your healthy lifestyle. Discover home gyms that provide everything you need for circuit training, and find wearable technology that keeps track of your heart rate and pulse as you move through your regimen. Suspension training equipment uses your body's weight to help you gain strength and tone your core.

Strength and Weight Training Exercise Equipment

Increase your mass and stamina with strength training equipment, including products such as Bowflex SelectTech free weights that let you adjust the weight between 5 and 52 pounds by turning a dial. Weighted vests and chin-up bars help you use your body weight in your training to ensure an excellent workout, while rubber-coated dumbbells in a variety of weights help reduce damage risks due to drops, keeping your floor looking pristine. This selection also includes basic weight benches and slide-on weights that fit various dumbbell bars, letting you customize your regimen even further.

Exercise Bikes and Ellipticals

Enjoy a leisurely pace or ride like the wind on exercise bikes that let you pedal your heart out in the great indoors. Elliptical machines provide motion for both your arms and legs, giving you a full-body workout while taking your heart rate up a notch or 10. Finish up your reports on this Exerpeutic WorkFit 1000 folding exercise bike that features a built-in workstation for your laptop, or use a recumbent exercise bike for less stress on your back as you get in some daily activity. No matter your fitness goals, this selection of exercise bikes and ellipticals has something to fit your skill set.

Home Gyms and Benches

Home gyms and benches provide you with gym-quality workouts from the privacy of your own home. The Bowflex PR3000 home gym uses resistance bands in place of heavy weights to let you complete an array of exercises that benefit your entire body, while options from IMPEX give you a standard bench for use with slip-on weights and dumbbell bars. Simple hyperextension equipment helps you focus on your core, and dip stations and pulleys hone in on your shoulder muscles. Resistance band loops give you an all-over workout when you're low on space, as does the TRX suspension trainer.

Treadmills, Steppers and Rowers

Get your heart rate up with treadmills, steppers and rowers that let you get your cardio in without taking on the heat, cold or rain. Discover treadmills with automatic incline that make your indoor walk or run more challenging, or choose exercise equipment like this Sunny Twist stepper that fits right under your desk and lets you get in a workout while you complete daily tasks. Rowing machines get your whole body moving while enhancing your core and strengthening your arms and shoulders.

Ab and Core Toners

Get in a quick workout with ab and core toners designed to target your midsection. These small pieces of exercise equipment generally slide into your closet when you finish, making them ideal for those with limited amounts of space. Choose items like the Perfect Fitness Ab-Crunch that helps sculpt your stomach, arms, chest and back, or select compact exercise rollers that supports upper body development.

Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Gear

Get active and learn self-defence skills with this specialized fitness equipment, which includes boxing and mixed martial arts gear. Discover heavy bag sets from brands like Everlast that include gloves so you can practice your punches, and find freestanding bag designs that work great for honing your high kicks. Focus mitts help out when you're training with a partner, and mouth guards help keep both of you safe while you spar.

Yoga and Pilates Gear

Enjoy relaxing, toning stretches with yoga and pilates gear. Yoga socks keep you stable on smooth surfaces, while standard mats protect your body during floor work. Straps help you move into tough poses, while blocks provide support and stability for novices and experts alike. To move beyond yoga for full-body toning, try the Everlast Pilates deluxe kit, which includes a ball and heavy-duty stretch band.

Inversion and Massage Tables

After a good workout, relax with inversion and massage tables. Inversion tables attach to your ankles and provide support as you hang upside down, which releases pressure on your joints. Portable massage tables keep you comfortably prone while someone rubs down aching muscles for pain relief and relaxation.

However you like to stay fit, you can find a bevy of options when you shop from Walmart Canada for your exercise equipment needs.




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