Exercise & Fitness Accessories


Essential Exercise Accessories

Get Toned at Home

Finding the time to get to a gym can be tough, especially when you already have a busy schedule. With quality exercise accessories on hand, you can keep up your fitness routine at home no matter what type of workout you enjoy.

Whether you are a runner, practice yoga or want to shed a few unwanted pounds, having the right fitness accessories you need in your home is a great way to stay on track with your exercise goals. Even just a few simple items like a folding gym mat, basic jump rope and a gym ball can make sticking with your fitness routine fun and fresh.

Exercise Accessories for Resistance Training

At Walmart Canada, you'll find a great assortment of exercise accessories designed to help you tone your muscles, including kettle balls, medicine balls and slam balls. These weighted items are often used in CrossFit-style training programs that challenge you to develop strength, endurance, speed and cardiovascular capacity through intense exercise movements that work all your major muscle groups.

Older adults and those who are just getting started with a workout routine might want to try using resistance bands before they move up to hand weights or kettle balls. Specialized exercise resistance bands come in a range of weights that make it easy to pick the resistance that's right for your particular needs, and many styles come complete with cushioned handles for a secure grip.

Workout DVDs for All Ages

With a workout DVD you can experience professional fitness coaching in the comfort of your own home, saving you the time and expense of traveling to a fitness studio or gym. Today you can find a variety of quality workout DVDs designed for all ages including children, adults and seniors.

Inspire healthy lifelong fitness habits by introducing young ones to exercise with a kid's Hula Hooping DVD, try T'ai Chi in your living room and stick with your New Year's resolution by burning unwanted calories to the beat of fun Latin music with a Cardio Dance Hoop DVD.

Fitness Accessories Make Great Gifts

When looking for affordable stocking stuffers and gifts, be sure to consider adding a few basic fitness-oriented items along with those holiday treats and candies. Everyone can use a pedometer to track how many steps they take every day, while massage balls can provide welcome relief from muscle tension, stiff shoulders and sore backs, making them perfect for your next Secret Santa gift exchange.

Fitness trackers are also popular, and they're more affordable than ever. These wearable devices let you track your steps, your heart rate and other details about your daily activities, giving you the extra motivation you might need to take the stairs instead of riding the elevator.

Fitness and Exercise Accessories for Kids

Help kids develop a love of fitness early in life by making exercise fun. At Walmart.ca, you'll find a great assortment of affordable gym gear for children and youth that lets you transform your basement or backyard into a kid-friendly exercise zone.

Products such as the Little Tikes Pogo-It are great for kids who seem to have endless energy to burn. This interactive electronic game encourages kids to develop strong motor skills, coordination and confidence. For the young yogi in your life, take a look at the kid-sized yoga mats and adjustable mat bags that make it easy to include your children in your yoga routine.




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