Exercise & Cardio Machines


Exercise Machines for Fitness and Strength

Exercise machines let you stay fit without paying for a pricey gym membership. Cardio machines like exercise bikes and treadmills pump up your aerobic fitness levels, while ellipticals give you a full-body workout. Whether you're searching for folding machines that slip into a closet or under a bed or you want to outfit a home gym, Walmart Canada has all the equipment you need.


Magnetic resonance treadmills provide many levels of resistance and difficulty, so you can keep challenging yourself as you get stronger. A treadmill with an incline lets you reap the benefits of walking or running up hills, and models with wide walking areas and high weight capacity guarantee that everyone has a chance to get in a good workout. If space is an issue, look for a folding treadmill that you can store out of the way easily. Pick up some treadmill lubricant and cleaning kits to keep your exercise machine in tip-top condition.

Exercise Bikes

Keep track of your heart rate, distance travelled and calories burned on exercise bikes that are easy to mount and dismount. Bikes with high weight capacity provide a safe way to exercise while seated and recumbent bikes target all the major muscle groups of your lower body without putting undue stress on your joints. Choose a folding exercise bike when you have limited indoor exercise space, or opt for a bike with a built-in workstation to multitask your way through your workout.


Up your cardio game with elliptical machines that eliminate stress on your ankles, knees and hips while still giving you the aerobic workout you want. Ellipticals with a wide range of motion stretch your hamstrings and increase flexibility while letting you increase speed from a slow walk to a full run. Air-walker styles allow side-to-side movement to work your inner and outer thighs, and folding models are ideal when you have limited space for your workouts.

Steppers and Rowing Machines

Rowing machines give you a full-body workout without putting stress on your leg joints. These exercise machines typically use magnetic resistance to offer multiple levels of tension and a smooth motion. Look for models with LCDs to keep track of calories burned and other stats, and opt for rowers with comfortably padded seats to encourage you to increase your time spent working out. Low-impact steppers feature a compact design that lets you slide them under your desk or bed when not in use, and many incorporate resistance bands to give you an upper-body workout during your step routine.

Inversion and Massage Tables

Reduce pressure on your vertebrae and minimize back stress and pain with inversion tables designed to relax your whole body and improve your circulation. Some models feature lumbar pillows to provide extra support to your lower back, while tables with higher weight capacity allow larger people to get the pain relief and stretching they want. Looking for folding models to allow convenient storage in a closet. Folding massage tables are also handy for travel. Stable construction paired with comfortable cushioning creates an environment in which your stressed muscles can find relief.

Accessories for Exercise Machines

Add appropriate accessories to your exercise machines to make them more convenient to use. Treadmill mats slide neatly under your cardio machines to minimize vibration and protect your floors. They also add a little extra cushioning during your workout, and they can double as yoga or Pilates mats when needed.




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