Yoga Accessories & Pilates Equipment


Must-Have Yoga Accessories

Whether you're brand-new to yoga, a lifelong practitioner or somewhere in between, the right yoga accessories can help enhance your zen and make those tough poses easier to master. At, you can find everything you need to take your yoga practice to the next level, including yoga blocks, Pilates equipment, yoga straps and non-slip yoga socks.

Yoga Accessories for Beginners

No matter what type of yoga you plan to practice, a quality yoga mat is a must-have item. These lightweight mats are specially designed to keep you from slipping and sliding while you're doing yoga poses, and they also provide a nice clean space to shield you from the hard studio floor. Most yoga mats measure 66 cm x 183 cm to give you plenty of room to lie down, and some mats come complete with a carry strap to make it easy to carry to class.

Extend Your Reach With Yoga Straps

Achieving the correct form for some yoga positions can be tough, especially if you're not as flexible as you'd like to be. That's where yoga straps come in. These lightweight fabric straps (also sometimes called stretch belts) help to extend your reach in poses so you can focus on your form. Simply placing a yoga strap around your feet can make all the difference in positions that are difficult for anyone with tight hamstrings, and a strap can also be used for poses involving balance and stretching. Many yoga straps serve double-duty as yoga mat straps as well.

Yoga Accessories Make Great Gifts

Items like non-slip yoga socks and super-grippy yoga gloves make perfect gifts for anyone who is interested in yoga. You can never go wrong with a spare yoga mat or an extra set of yoga straps as well. Don't forget to toss in a yoga towel; they come in a range of colours, including pink, grey, and cobalt blue.

If you are just starting out with yoga, a beginner yoga set gives you everything you need to begin your personal yoga practice, whether you plan on joining a class or trying a few poses at home.

Specialized Pilates Equipment

As with yoga, Pilates is a style of exercise that involves specific postures and poses to help enhance strength, stability and posture while promoting mental clarity and focus. The main difference between yoga and Pilates is that Pilates is more focused on relaxing muscles and strengthening the core of the body.

Specialized Pilates equipment is designed to help you achieve the various stretches and poses by supporting your body in the correct position. The Pilates fitness circle is a good starter piece that you can use for both upper- and lower-body poses to tone your biceps, shoulders, chest and thighs.

When you want a studio-quality workout at home, consider investing in a Pilates Reformer from It integrates a sliding carriage platform, variable resistance cords and an elevated padded mat to allow Pilates practitioners to maximize their time spent in the studio. Using a Pilates Reformer can help you achieve balanced strength and flexibility whether you're brand new to Pilates or an advanced practitioner.




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