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Choosing the Right Pilates or Yoga Kit

When you're embarking on a new exercise routine, the right gear can make all the difference. Whether you're doing traditional yoga, practicing Pilates at home or using a fitness plan that incorporates both, you need some comfortable clothes, a high-quality mat, bands and balls to make sure you can accomplish the moves safely and effectively. At Walmart Canada, we have plenty of yoga kits and Pilates supplies to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Yoga Mats and Blocks

The foundation of any yoga or Pilates routine is a high-quality exercise mat. A good yoga mat is generally ribbed and textured, which gives you a little extra grip to help you hold your poses even if you're sweaty from your workout. Walmart Canada carries a range of yoga mats to help you get started with building your yoga kit.

Select yoga blocks to add to your yoga kit for helping you get the most out of stretches and to help put your body in the correct position during your routine. Yoga blocks can be placed under your hands, feet or bottom to help keep your body safe.

Balls, Straps and Bands

While a basic yoga mat can get you started, more advanced exercises require additional tools. Walmart Canada offers a range of yoga and Pilates supplies to help you create your own home studio. Pick up a few elastic exercise bands to help increase resistance during toning exercises, or try weighted exercise hoops to have a little fun while working out your core. A large exercise ball lets you gently roll through core and leg exercises and can double as a health-conscious desk chair if you want to work on your fitness while paying the bills. Even if you prefer to stick to traditional yoga, a good set of blocks and a non-elastic band can help provide the support you need to practice more difficult poses comfortably.

Workout Clothes and Sets

Whether you're heading out to a class at your favourite yoga studio or just exercising at home in the spare bedroom, a cute set of workout clothes can help you find your motivation. Walmart Canada offers a wide range of comfortable, stretchy clothes that look great while still giving you the full range of motion you need for Pilates and yoga. High-performance fabrics help wick moisture away from your skin to keep you cool and dry even during tough workouts, and a wide range of styles and colours lets you choose a personalized look that coordinates with your favourite workout tracker band.

Pilates Exercise Machines

If you're ready to take your routine to the next level, it might be time to consider adding an exercise machine to your Pilates routine. These high-tech devices offer a range of resistance levels and position settings to help you sculpt and tone your whole body right in the comfort of your home gym. Choose a compact, folding model if space is at a premium, then simply fold it up and store it in a corner or closet between workouts.

Full Pilates and Yoga Kits

If you're just getting started or think your old kit needs a refresher, an all-in-one starter kit might be exactly what you need. These handy kits include everything you need to get started. A typical yoga kit has a mat, blocks and a strap, while a Pilates kit usually consists of a mat, ball and bands. More advanced Pilates kits may also have hoops, weights and other accessories. If you're planning to work out at home, look for one that includes an instructional DVD or book to help you develop a routine.

Whether you're a Pilates veteran needing to upgrade a few items or a total novice getting your first yoga kit put together, Walmart Canada has the exercise essentials you need to reach your fitness goals.




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