Yoga Blocks, Towels & Straps


Increase Flexibility and Improve Balance with Yoga Blocks

Whether you are a die-hard student of Vinyasa or a beginner performing your first Downward-Facing Dog pose, yoga blocks can help you experience a more satisfying workout. Use blocks to help strengthen inner thighs, deepen stretches and release tension in your neck and back. has a variety of yoga straps, blocks and accessories to assist you in your journey to fitness and enlightenment.

Yoga Blocks for the Beginning Student

Although yoga is a low-impact activity that you can enjoy at any stage of life, new students often need a little assistance getting into poses. Lack of flexibility is usually the biggest challenge to yoga newcomers, and blocks can help overcome tight hamstrings by offering support in poses such as Forward Fold and Half Moon. Remember, you can turn each block several ways to meet your specific requirements.

Balance problems can also lead to difficulties performing the Crow Pose, and a good firm block under your forehead can often reduce the fear of falling forward. Don't forget to add some restorative poses to your daily regimen. These relaxing maneuvers help open hips, neck and back, and the use of yoga blocks and wedges can significantly improve your overall performance.

Yoga Blocks for the Advanced Practitioner

Don't say goodbye to your blocks once you have mastered the basic poses. A pair of foam or cork blocks can help improve your posture during poses and add a new dimension to your routine. Place a block between your adductor muscles during your morning Sun Salutation for an additional challenge. Build upper arm strength by holding a block between your hands on poses that require arms to be in the air such as Tree and the Extended-Side-Angle. Combine your blocks with yoga straps to create new spins on your favourite flow sequences.

Yoga Blocks for Other Disciplines

With a little creativity, you can incorporate yoga blocks into many other traditional exercises. Romanian dead lifts are much more difficult when performed on top of a block, and to further strengthen your core, try a Flying Plank while resting your shoulders on two blocks.

Enhance Your Yoga Practice with Unique Accessories and Equipment

A good yoga mat is indispensable to your daily practice, but you can also update your yoga and Pilates conditioning with bands, dumbbells, weight plates and flat benches. has yoga kits that combine some of the most requested equipment in one convenient package. Whether you attend a local class, enjoy personal home routines or love to follow videos, yoga straps and knee pads can help you with stretching and proper form.

For those who like to intermix their yoga with Pilates, look into Pilates Reformer machines, which add increased resistance to your workouts. Afterward, enjoy relaxing on an inversion table or stretch out on a portable massage table to receive an invigorating therapeutic rubdown.

Whatever your type of yoga training — Vinyasa, Ashtanga, restorative or hot yoga — you can get supportive equipment at Walmart Canada. Make sure to check out our comfortable activewear. You can wear yoga pants, tees and jackets before, during and after your workout, and these flexible garments can easily make the transition to relaxed daywear.




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