Get Set for Fishing Season

Avid anglers are always looking for the right fishing supplies to ensure success on the water. Whether you enjoy bass fishing from a riverbed or prefer to cast your line from fishing boats on sparkling lakes, the type of fishing tackle you use can make a big difference.

At Walmart Canada, you'll find a selection of all the fishing gear you need to get prepped for the fishing season.

Fishing Rods and Reels

When shopping for fishing rods, one of the key features to focus on is length. Shorter rods are typically used to catch smaller fish, while longer rods are better for bigger fish and fly fishing. Rod weight is also important, as it determines how heavy your lure or bait can be.

Fishing reels come in four main types: spincast reels, spinning reels, baitcasting reels, and trolling reels. Spinning reels are the most common type of reel, but spincast reels are usually the best choice for beginners. Baitcasting and trolling reels are typically used for larger game fish.

While you can buy your rods and reels separately, Walmart Canada also carries a selection of rod and reel combos for your convenience.

Hook, Line, and Sinker

To complete your fishing tackle, you'll need fish hooks, lures, sinkers, and bait to draw the fish in.

Fishing hooks and lures come in a variety of sizes and types, depending on the type of fishing you plan to do. You'll find everything from all-purpose lures designed for use at any depth, to big-action bait designed for distant casting off fishing boats. The right fish hooks will help you reel it in big.

Don't forget about tackle boxes and fishing line. Choose a tackle box that is large enough to keep all of your fishing supplies properly stored and organized. Stock up on fishing line as well, and brush up on some of the most common and useful fishing knots, including the Palomar knot, surgeon's knot, and improved clinch knot.

Dress for Success

Once you've got your gear picked out, it's time to look at fishing waders and apparel. Waders will keep you dry and comfortable while you wait for the perfect catch and proper rain gear will ensure that a change in the weather won't put a damper on the trip. Complete your ensemble with a fishing vest that keeps all of your supplies close at hand.

This fishing season, hit the water like a pro with all of the right fishing gear and supplies from Walmart Canada.





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