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Complete Your Game Room With Billiards

Billiard tables and pool tables are an awesome way for you, your family, and friends to spend some quality time together. While many people are familiar with these two games from seeing professional competitions on television, you don't have to be content to just watch anymore. Walmart.ca has a wide selection of game tables for you to bring into your own home! Whether you're just starting out at playing or looking to upgrade your current table, there are affordable options available for you to purchase.

But you're not limited to only certain types of gaming tables. There are other great choices for your game room including table tennis, foosball, air hockey, snooker tables, and more. Instead of heading out of the house, why not stay in and enjoy a night of family fun playing games together? Whether it's pool or another table activity, it's bound to be good and competitive fun.

What is the Difference Between the Two?

Billiards refers to games that are played with a cue and billiard balls. Pool is one of these types of games and is played with 16 balls (one cue ball and 15 object balls) on a table. The goal is to strike the object balls with the cue ball in either a particular order or into a specific pocket on the table. With billiards, the game is played on a table that has a perimeter lined with cushions. The objective is to score either a set number of points or to score the most points within a specific time frame instead of hitting balls into pockets.

If you are looking for more gaming variety, you can also try your hand at bumper pool. Bumper tables have obstacles that make sinking your set of balls more challenging. While the price point varies depending on your needs, high-quality tables are within many budgets. Some pool tables have ball return functions, while others simply have nets in the pockets that collect the balls. Be sure to explore the different types to make sure you get the functions you want in your gaming.

Gaming For Fun and Fitness

It might not seem like much exercise while you're playing, but those trips around the table add up to calories burned. And not only does playing pool often mean you'll be doing a lot of walking, you'll also be stretching your body to hit that cue ball and make those ace shots, all while using your muscles to stay balanced. Playing these games also requires good hand-eye coordination and, with practice, you can be sure to hit those impressive trick-shots with ease.

And it's not just fitness you should be excited about! Children of all ages can participate in the game, even if parents have to help out a bit. The interaction and cooperation involved throughout the activity gives precious memories of fun that nobody will forget.

Instead of sitting and watching movies for your next night in, make memories with your friends and family while playing together around the table. Pair the night's entertainment with some delicious snacks and drinks from Walmart Canada and your night with family and friends can be an exciting party for all.



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