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Hit the Hunting Store to Bag More Game

A freezer full of game meat is a great thing to look forward to over the winter. Hunting fills your larder, keeps the cost of groceries down and adds variety to your diet. Whether you hit the woods during deer, bear or duck season, you'll want to check your hunting kit before you hit the road. Every type of game requires slightly different equipment. The Walmart Canada hunting store has a wide variety of equipment for lures and camouflage as well as weaponry. 

Dress for Success

Sure, putting on a suit before a major job interview is a good idea, but the idea behind dressing for success also applies to hunting. Your hunting attire can help you blend into your surroundings and avoid spooking your prey. If you're sneaking up on a flock of geese, you might want to make sure you have on wading boots, and a trip for a buck might mean hunting clothing that blends into the trees. A safety vest is a good way to avoid friendly fire while hunting deer or other forest animals. 

Hunting Store Finds

Good hunters may not spend a lot of time running through the forest. Instead, good game management and the effective use of decoys means you can set up shop and wait for prey to find you. A trail camera lets you monitor your prey's movements and catch them with their guard down. A clean kill often starts with the element of surprise, so hit the hunting store to stock up on the right equipment to bring your game to you. 

Set Your Sights

When hunting big game or prey on the wing, you need to see what's going on from quite a distance. Binoculars can help you locate your next kill from hundreds of yards away. The right optics on a hunting rifle might help you make a shot from a similar distance. 

Practice Your Aim

Whether you're hunting with a bow and arrow or a rifle, shooting starts with plenty of practice. Archery is a skill that takes time to master, so you may want to set up a target at home. You can use a crossbow during most of the hunting season, except for those times designated for bow and arrow only. If you want to hunt during every season, you might want to brush up on your skills. A forearm guard and archery gloves are accessories that can help keep your hands in good shape through multiple trips. 

When hunting, it's important to set the stage for success with tools that give you an edge. The right calls can flush waterfowl quickly, so you can get off multiple shots. A good site is another extra to help with your accuracy. Guided shots are more likely to go where you intend, so you can bring home more game for the family.

Preparing Game for Transport

After you've finished hunting for the day, you need to get your kill ready to head home. Sharp hunting knives are a must to field dress your kill. Other hunting tools might include a radio and GPS tracker to help guide you in and out of the woods. 

Walmart Canada's hunting store has a wide variety of hunting gear, tools and accessories to help you make the most of your license. 




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