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The Right Gear for All Your Hunting Trips

It's important for hunters to have rugged and durable gear that can stand up to tough conditions and terrain. As there are many necessary supplies and accessories for a day in the field, finding gear you can afford is also a high priority.

Whether you are going deer hunting or getting ready for a heart-pounding bear hunt, Walmart Canada has the gear you need to ensure a successful trip at a price you can afford.

Hunting Clothes and Accessories

Proper hunting apparel is all about comfort and camouflage. Hunting clothes should help you blend into the surroundings without alerting your prey. They should also keep you warm and dry while allowing your skin to breathe. Having a good pair of hunting boots is particularly important for facing a variety of weather and terrain conditions on hunting trips.

The right hunting accessories can also go a long way to keeping you comfortable and helping find success on the hunt. Make sure you pack rain gear, hand and body warmers, and firearm security accessories for any trip, as well as proper sleeping gear for overnight hunting trips.

Calls, Scopes, and Hunting Knives

Even the best hunters can use some help getting their prey. Decoys, calls, and attractants are designed to lure prey to your location while you lay in wait. Whether you are bird hunting, deer hunting, hog hunting, coyote hunting, or on the bear hunt, there are a variety of products that you can use to give yourself an edge.

Once your decoy or attractant is in place, binoculars and rifle scopes are important for helping you spot your prey and make a good shot. Getting a clear view from far away will give you a chance to take a shot without your prey seeing or hearing you first.

After you've made the shot and it comes time to field dress the animal, you'll need quality hunting knives and sharpeners. A good hunting knife or pocket knife is also useful to have on-hand during a hunting trip for cutting twine, whittling tinder, and cutting up food.

No matter what hunting gear you need, from quality knives to hunting boots, you can trust that Walmart Canada has the apparel, accessories, and tools you're looking for.




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