Team Sports Gear for All Your Favourite Sports

Gear up for your favourite team sports with all the equipment and accessories you need from Walmart Canada. Whether you're looking for a new catcher's mitt or tennis racket to up your game or you're ready to outfit your entire team, you can find all the necessary gear for all the major sports — and even specialty team sports like cricket or lacrosse.


Take to the ice with hockey skates for adults and adjustable skates that grow as your child does. Protective Kevlar socks and full goalie sets add an extra layer of safety on the ice, and hockey tape shields your stick against abrasion. Get some practice in with automated hockey passers, and outfit your team's coach with official whistles and clipboards. Street hockey sticks and goals let you keep the action going all year long.


Pick out soccer balls in all sizes, with a wide assortment of decorations, to keep players of all ages running down the field. Rebounders and pitchback goals make it easy for team members to practice shots on goal, and sports cones let you set up all kinds of drills. Outfit your whole team with matching socks for a cohesive look, and make sure they all have shin guards for protection during tight scrums.


Bats of all size await you, along with right- and left-handed mitts for every position on the diamond. Practice with batting machines that let you and your teammates hone hand-eye coordination. Canada-approved balls and special balls that honour major league teams get you ready for play, and batting helmets protect against injury.


Outfit your gym with an official NBA backboard and hoop, or opt for portable, adjustable basketball hoops that are ideal for younger players practicing their skills. Official NBA balls in a variety of colours make sure all your play is regulation, with NeverFlat balls available to keep the game going. Hand your coach a basketball clipboard to keep track of winning plays.


Get ready for scrimmage and play with regulation footballs as well as junior-size balls for Pop Warner players. Some balls come with pumps to keep the pigskin properly inflated during the game. Protect your offensive and defensive players during practice with cushioned football blocking shields, and help their vision on the field with eye black stickers. When you want a casual game, a youth flag football set gives you everything you need.


Lacrosse sticks of all sizes and official lacrosse balls get you off to a good start in this rugged sport. Pick up goals to set up your game, or choose from rebounders that provide hours of practice possibilities. Protective sports gear, including pads for the shoulders, ribs, elbows and knees, help players stay safe on the field.


Set up a killer spike with regulation volleyballs and nets ready for play at home, on the beach or in the park. Knee pads provide protection and make you fearless when it's time to dive for a ball, and water volleyball kits let you take the fun to the pool.


Cricket balls of all sizes get you ready for your game, or you can pick up an entire cricket set. Decorative bat grips let you show your team's colours, and linseed oil helps prep your bat for play. Provide needed protection with thigh pads, abdominal guards and wicket-keeping gear, and outfit yourself properly with a wide choice of cricket shoes and ribbed cricket sweaters.

Tennis and Racquet Sports

Whether your game is tennis, badminton, pickleball or squash, you'll find the racquet sports gear you need at Choose from junior and senior tennis racquets that put power behind your swing, and grab a can or bag of balls for practice sessions. Recreational badminton kits let you set up a game anywhere, and cans of extra shuttlecocks keep the fun coming. Pick out just the right wooden pickleball paddle, or opt for a starter set that introduces you to the game. Table tennis sets are ideal sports gear when the weather keeps you indoors.

Other Team Sports

Walmart Canada provides the sporting goods you need for all your other favourite team sports. Rugby balls, bibs and gloves outfit your team for rugged play, while thermal shirts with shoulder protection make it possible to keep the game going in cold weather. Cheerleading pom-poms in every colour bring spirit to your squad, and professional hoof picks help you care for the horses on your equestrian team. Regulation softballs and bats provide an alternative to baseball, and playground balls and flying discs let you find fun wherever you are. Outfit your referees with whistles and scoreboards, as well as trophies and certificates for younger players.




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