Keep Kids Active with Basketball Equipment

Whether you're trying to create an outdoor play area for your active kids or you're feeling nostalgic about your playing days, you can find plenty of basketball equipment at Walmart Canada, everything from hoops to nets to the balls themselves.

Basketball Hoops

Shop for full-size basketball hoops at Walmart Canada that have large counterweight bases filled with sand or water to keep the hoop in place. Choose from models with adjustable heights that go up to regulation-standard 10 feet (305 cm) off the ground. Models that lower to six or eight feet are ideal for younger players, building confidence with shooting and hand-eye coordination, while hoops that raise to the standard 10 feet are great for high school and college players. All that's needed to raise or lower the rim is a broomstick.

Look for basketball goals with shatterproof polycarbonate backboards and strong polyethylene frames that resemble the glass appearance of a pro-level hoop.

Hoops for Inside and Outside

While most basketball hoops are made for outdoor use, some smaller versions are made for indoor spaces, such as an expansive basement area where kids can get rowdy and practice their shot with an indoor rubber basketball. Gift toy basketball hoops to young children for their birthdays or Christmas to keep them active and engaged, or find versions that come with just the backboard, net and rim for easy hanging over a teenager's bedroom door.

Enhance water play activities in your swimming pool with basketball hoops made to mount on the pool's edge. Sturdy bases keep the hoop in place, and they're typically made from water-resistant plastic.

Basketball Nets

Once in a while, you may find that your basketball hoop's net needs replacing, either from too many enthusiastic slam dunks or weather-related deterioration. Find a wide selection of replacement nets at Walmart Canada that deliver a satisfying swish when the ball falls through. Nets are usually made from nylon and are easy to install on the metal prongs of the rim.

Inflatable Basketballs

Shop for a wide selection of game-ready basketballs in a variety of sizes from well-known brands such as Wilson and Spalding. Smaller basketballs are ideal for young players, while full-size pro-level basketballs are appropriate for players with adult-sized hands in high school or college. Mini basketballs are good choices for water play or competitive basement games. Basketballs typically don't come inflated from the store, so be sure to have an air pump on hand to inflate it to the proper psi. Most balls have guidelines printed right on them, so you know how much air to put in. 

Protective Pads and Gear

Especially when playing outside, it's important to protect knees and elbows from potentially hard falls on the pavement. Find a wide selection of protective pads and gear that offer additional cushioning in case of a slip and fall. And for older players, knee pads and compression devices can help keep knees comfortable during running and jumping activities.

Basketball Apparel

When it's time to suit up and play, whether you're just playing HORSE in the driveway or preparing for a competitive high school or college game, it's important to have the right clothing to keep you comfortable.'s collection of basketball apparel lets you shop for basketball shoes that offer good traction and foot support along with headbands and wrist pads to keep sweat out of your eyes and off your hands. 





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