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Fun and Educational Toys for Preschoolers

Preschool-aged children are at an important point in their development, they are starting to learn a lot of things that will help them get off to a great start in school. While learning tools such as books can help children expand their knowledge in preparation for school, toys can play an important part in this as well. Plus, they can provide your child with plenty of fun and entertainment as well.

At Walmart Canada, you'll find a wide selection of playsets and toys for preschoolers to enjoy. Toys make great gifts for your own little one or for a niece, nephew, or the child of a friend. We carry toys featuring popular characters from children's movies and TV shows and all sorts of other toys that can be used for pretend play.

Hours of Fun with All Their Favourite Toys

Children get bored easily, and it's only natural. They are at a point in their lives where they seem to have boundless energy that drives them to try new things. While it's important that children learn to be patient, it's also important that they have enough opportunity for stimulation and play.

Preschool-aged children particularly love to play pretend with toy dolls and figurines. Walmart Canada carries preschool action figures and preschool dolls that will supply them with endless hours of fun. Pick up a playset and enjoy watching your little one act out imaginative scenes, you can even join in for some playtime yourself!

Turn Play Time into Learning Time

The preschool years are a particularly important time to make sure that your child has the opportunity to develop necessary skills for success in school. One of the main ways that children learn is through play. Toys teach children skills such as solitary play, social play, fine motor skills, problem-solving, hand-eye coordination, and more.

Help your child’s development with the right educational and learning toys. You'll find toys that are specifically designed to teach your child numbers, letters, shapes, and other types of learning that will be very useful when they begin school. Educational electronics, in particular, offer an interactive learning experience that will actively keep your child engaged.

A teaching toy can be just as fun as a toy not specifically intended for learning, and almost all toys offer educational benefits.

Find All the Best Toys for Preschoolers at Walmart Canada

When looking for toys for preschoolers, you have two main options: toys that are currently trendy, and classic toys that are popular among preschoolers’ year after year.

Trendy toys generally feature pop culture characters from children's favourite movies and TV shows, such as the Paw Patrol pups and new Disney princesses. These are a great choice when you know what a child likes. If you're not too sure, then you'll want to stick with classic toys. Pre-school ride ons, for example, have never gone out of style and are consistently popular among children. We are proud to carry a wide selection, from ride-ons and ride trikes that you can push, to electric ride-ons that just about every child wants.

Whether you're shopping for a birthday gift, a holiday gift, or just a surprise gift for a preschooler in your life, at Walmart Canada you'll find a great selection of playsets, fun and educational toys, and arts and crafts at everyday great prices.




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