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Top Toddler Toys for the Tyke Who Loves to Play

As any parent can attest, toddlers have a lot of energy and are always looking for an outlet. One of the best ways to channel this energy is with a good variety of colourful and unique toys. There are so many different ones to choose from that it might seem like you'll never know what to pick! But don't worry, at Walmart Canada, we make it easy to find the right ones.

We are proud to carry an extensive selection of the best toddler toys for children from 2 years old to 4 years old and all at affordable prices. You'll find everything from soft and plush toys that they can cuddle with to electronic and learning toys that will engage their curious minds.

Best Toys to Keep Your Energetic Toddler Entertained

A toddler's playtime isn't just for playing -- it's also a time that where they are learning about the world and what they are capable of. It allows them to exercise and improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Most importantly, it lets them burn a lot of energy so that they can go down happily for a nap. It also frees you up to tackle work and chores while they are playing and napping.

Few toddlers can resist bright and colourful playsets or little toy figurines to pretend play and stretch their imagination with. From portable playsets, that they can take on-the-go, to large playsets you can set up in the corner of the playroom, Walmart Canada has a fantastic selection to choose from.

We also carry all sorts of blocks, activities, and puzzles for toddlers that can help them develop their problem-solving skills. You can use these fun toys that double as learning tools as well to teach your child shapes, numbers, and letters.

Birthday and Holiday Gifts for Toddlers

Shopping for gifts for toddlers is a lot of fun, mostly because it's just so easy! Browse through our selection of children's toys or use toy finder to help you pick out the one you think your toddler would enjoy the most, or consider toys that the two of you might have fun playing with together. We even have holiday-themed toys based around the current holiday season! 

If you're shopping for a niece, nephew, or a friend's child, you really can't go wrong with classic toys such as dolls and toy cars. Push and pull toys are another good classic toy option that any toddler will enjoy. Disney toys and toys from popular kid’s movies and TV shows are always a safe bet as well, especially if you know which movies and TV shows they like.

Shop Walmart Canada for All the Best Toddler Toys

Toys can open up a wonderful world of possibilities for a toddler. They allow them to safely learn about the world, to role play the jobs and activities they see their parents taking part in, and to develop their motor, language, and cognitive skills. Toys also make a great gift that all kids are sure to love playing with.

For a complete selection of toddler toys to help you finish up your holiday shopping or to find the perfect birthday gift, look no further than We've got you covered with all the best toys for both boys and girls alike. 




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