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Celebrate Creativity with a Kids Art Kit

Encourage creative play and artistic exploration with an art kit designed for curious kids. Creative-themed toys and art supplies help children develop fine motor skills and build hand-eye coordination while also serving as a creative outlet for kids whose minds are full of new, exciting ideas. Art kits from Walmart Canada let your child try out new techniques and make gifts for family and friends.

Basic Supplies for an Artistic Childhood

Painting and colouring are classic childhood activities, so supply your kids with the tools they need to create unique masterpieces at home. Painting supplies let kids explore different media, including finger paints and watercolours, while brush kits offer the ability to practice different types of strokes on paper or canvas. Build a collection of colouring books and coloured pencils to ensure you always have a fun creative activity on hand. Themed tracing pads and activity books featuring popular cartoon characters appeal to kids who are dedicated to their favourite shows.

Sketching and Doodling Tools

Bring a creative option along on car rides with a travel-sized sketching and doodling tool that lets kids draw on the surface and erase the image to start over with just a shake. Drawing pads offer another alternative for kids who want to save and refer back to their blueprints for imaginary space colonies or sketches of the family pet. Stock your home with markers, crayons and coloured pens to provide a wide range of options for your child's drawing efforts.

Art Kits for Hands-On Creativity

Art kits for kids cater to your child's need for hands-on fun and mental challenges. Kits that teach children how to make friendship bracelets, bath bombs and cute plush toys bring a sense of accomplishment when the creation process is complete. Craft kits come with everything your child needs to get started, and instructions are designed to be kid-friendly. 

Kids who enjoy texture might like art kits designed for squishing, squeezing and forming shapes. Clay, dough and modelling compounds let kids create 3-D creatures, buildings and accessories. Play sand features a crumbly texture that kids enjoy shaping into interesting forms, while slime kits offer a gooey sensation children love. 

Expansive Art Stations for Social Play

Make art time a social endeavour with art stations and easels that accommodate multiple creative kids at once. Two-sided plastic easels with one chalkboard side and one magnetic dry-erase side let toddlers and preschoolers play and learn in a variety of ways. Sturdy wooden easels and table easels offer a more sophisticated surface for older kids to practice their favourite artistic techniques. Art desks with plenty of compartments for brushes and craft supplies keep everything within easy reach while your child paints or draws.

Toy kitchens bring another element of creative fun into your child's life by providing a place to act out meal preparation and everyday cooking tasks. Take the cooking theme further with baking ovens that let kids make edible treats to eat and to share.

Toys for High-Fashion Fun

Kids who love fashion and beauty might like toys and kits that let them adorn themselves in a creative way. Nail art kits encourage self-expression, while toy cosmetic kits give children the opportunity to engage in makeup-themed pretend play. For a kid who likes to practice new hairstyles, a toy styling head makes a great gift idea. Fashion plate kits and dress design toys encourage kids to create their own clothing styles and practice various clothes combinations to discover their personal style preferences.





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