Modelling Clay


Modelling Clay for Kids Who Love to Sculpt

Playing with modelling clay is enjoyable for kids of all ages, and it can have many developmental and educational benefits that have to do with sensory processing and motor skills. Modelling clay also feels good in the hands, as it's soft and squeezeable, and many children enjoy this tactile experience. Walmart Canada carries a wide range of modelling clay products, from beginner's Play-Doh to more professional polymer and molding clays. 

Modelling Compound for Toddlers

Brightly coloured dough that's perfect for small hands lets children explore their creativity. In this category, find modelling compound in all colours of the rainbow to use with modelling clay tool sets. These types of dough sets usually include plastic cookie cutters in fun shapes or animals, play knives and different types of extrusion moulds. 

Make a pile of spaghetti, baskets of berries or sunny-side-up eggs when you shop for kitchen-themed modelling clay sets. These typically come with smaller cans of clay, so you can buy extra cans too at affordable prices to ensure kids have plenty of dough to work with as they whip up pretend ice cream treats and cookies.

Dough Sets for Older Kids

Some modelling clay sets let kids practice basic math and science skills, such as those that include mats and canisters to facilitate counting and measuring activities. Other items provide opportunities to create shapes, apply textures and match them to pictures. Other dough sets feature popular characters from comic books, princesses and dinosaurs that children are sure to love.

Modelling Clay

For budding young artists who are ready to move beyond basic clay dough, consider modelling clay in many colours. Multipacks offer small amounts of modelling clay in a wide colour pallette, or in themes such as earth tones, while bulk 1-pound packages offer plenty of material to work with for a larger project.

One big advantage of modelling clay is that it holds its structure better, so figures that kids sculpt can usually hold themselves up without support. They're also typically oil-based, so they won't dry out like play dough does. Right out of the package, modelling clay feels a bit more firm, but it softens right up after it's rolled around and worked by hand.

Oven-Bake or Air-Dry Clay

These types of modelling clays are perfect for teenagers or amateur artists looking for a more permanent medium. Oven-bake or air-dry clays harden and dry either in an oven or just with air exposure. They usually have a firm and smooth texture without being crumbly and make excellent choices for colour mixing and blending. 

After models are dried, they can be painted with acrylic paints to add colour, dimension and visual appeal to individual sculptures. Some types of clay can even be painted before baking to ensure the colour sets into the material, but check individual packaging for specific directions.

Polymer Clay

Polyform has several popular lines of polymer clay under the name Sculpey in a wide variety of colours. Many artists prefer using polymer clay because it's versatile, pliable and easy to work with. It's different from natural clays because it's actually made from a plastic, PVC base. For this reason, it stays continually soft but can be baked in an at-home oven to help retain colour and shape.

Polymer clay has a wide range of applications that go beyond sculpture — polymer clay can be used to make jewellery, pottery and home decor items.

Whether you're an amateur artist who needs pro-grade materials or you're shopping for an eager child who loves play dough, you can find a wide variety of affordable modelling clay options at Walmart Canada.




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