Crafts Kits for Kids


Craft Kits for Kids For Rainy Days and Creative Play

Crafts for kids can save the day during a long stretch of vacation from school or when you need something to keep everyone entertained on a rainy day. Walmart Canada carries a wide assortment of craft kits for kids to suit the interests and capability of children of all ages. Shop for kits to make jewellery, stuffed animals, geometric art and many other adorable and beautiful creations.

Crafts for Kids: Creativity for All Ages

Fuel the creativity of early elementary children, preteens and even teenagers with arts and crafts. Start with easy crafts that result in a fun toy, such as the Star Kitty kit or other options from Build-A-Bear. Move on to more complex options, including spinning paint kits or a Spirograph that lets kids make mandalas and other geometric designs.

Choose crafts for toddlers and early elementary school children that take between five and 30 minutes to complete and require less complex supplies or fine motor movements. Drawing and colouring crafts, basic cutting and simple objects for painting work well for this age group, but adult supervision and assistance is required for just about any option. Slime kits, which let kids mix ingredients with their hands, may be a great introduction to kits for the youngest creators.

Older elementary school children and preteens may enjoy more complex crafts that take longer to complete. They will also understand the need to let things set or dry, so crafts that are completed across multiple sessions are an option. Avoid kits that require hot glue, craft cutters or slicers unless an adult can supervise.

Teens may be equipped to graduate from craft kits for kids. For older teens who have already been crafting for years, consider making a craft basket filled with items related to their hobby of choice such as yarn, sewing supplies or paper craft supplies.

Craft Kits for Kids: Options for Every Interest

Walmart Canada's selection of craft kits for kids includes a wide array of items, so you can easily find something to interest the children in your life. For the fashion-forward kids, choose jewellery-making or accessory-making kits or nail art kits. Kinetic sand kits offer an option for physical play for toddlers, and scented bath bomb or soap-making kits let children create gifts for others. Select from kits with everything you need to create a decor item, such as a pillow, or invoke imaginative art with colouring or sculpting kits.

Accessories and Other Extras

Don't forget to stock up on accessories and extras to make the creative process more enjoyable for everyone. Depending on what type of craft kits for kids you're investing in, you may want extras such as small cups or bowls to hold or mix supplies in or plastic table clothes to protect your furniture or floors. Check the items included in your craft kit; if you're sure it will be a winner or you have multiple kids working on projects, you might also want to supplement the supplies by purchasing more of the same.




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