Colouring Books & Drawing Books for Kids


Inspire Early Art Skills and Stress Relief with Colouring Books

Colouring books are fun for kids (and adults) of all ages. Early artists can experiment with colouring styles and develop fine motor skills as they bring favourite characters to life. Older children can advance to shading techniques or use markers and coloured pencils to create their own vision of the world, and adults can bring crayons to paper as a way of releasing the stress of the day. Whatever reason you're drawn to the magic of colouring, Walmart Canada has the colouring and drawing books and supplies you need. 

Select the Right Tools for the Artist

Encourage a love of colouring, drawing and making art by equipping your young Picasso with the right types of tools. Paint brushes and paints can be fun, but they're also frustrating for some of the youngest artists who haven't mastered the fine motor skills needed to create masterpieces.  

Begin by considering the age and capability of the child. Toddlers love to create their own art, but tiny pencils or crayons can be difficult for little hands to grasp. Instead, choose chunky crayons or markers to start kids off with colouring book fun. Transition to slimmer crayons as they get older or more adept. 

Older children and adults may appreciate the ability to fill in fine details with pencil crayons, and high-quality coloured pencils let you blend tones for advanced shading and to create perspective on the page. Gel and coloured pens and markers offer fun ways to add texture to the page, which older children, teens and adults often appreciate.  

Choose From Colouring Books and Drawing Paper

Once you're equipped to make your mark on the page, you'll need a drawing book or colouring book. 

Colouring books for kids are often made to be inexpensive so you can stock up on several at a time. This is especially helpful when supplying toddlers, who may plow through dozens of pages in a sitting, never fully colouring any of them. Choose books that are fun for your child, such as those that include their favourite cartoon characters or subject matter. You might purchase dino colouring books for the budding palaeontologist or a book full of costumes for a little fashion designer. 

As kids grow into their colouring skills, you may want to invest in higher-quality books that include an image only on one side of the pages or are printed on especially thick paper. This allows kids to use paints, markers and other supplies without ruining the image on the other side.  

If you have a skilled doodler or drawer in your family and you want an eco-friendly way to supplement their colouring, consider investing in a white board and low odour markers.

Taking the Next Steps in an Art Journey

Colouring in books is often the first step on a crafting and art journey. Walmart Canada has the supplies you need to continue supporting your young artist. Encourage them with craft supplies such as yarn, scrap booking stickers or sewing its. Or opt for fine art supplies including paints, canvases, sketch books or modelling clay. 




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