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Fashion Toys for Girls

Fashion toys for girls let kids exercise their creativity while imagining what it might be like to grow up. A nail art kit for kids allows experimentation with fashion and grooming, and salon toys let kids explore their own personality as they try different hair styles. Indulge an artistic child's imagination with fashion design toys that start them on a path to creating fabulous looks. Creative fashion kits are among the many arts and crafts for kids that make it easy to create everything from jewellery to headbands.

Hair Salon Toys

Styling heads — whether humans, bunnies or unicorns — give little hairdressers the opportunity to practice their styling skills, with brushes, barrettes and hair ties to get just the look they want and help them feel beautiful. Beauty salon play sets include toy shampoos, lotions and blow dryers to help kids develop an understanding of spatial relationships and cause and effect, and sets that include a wide array of beauty tools and accessories designed for little hands are intended to help foster cooperative play. Beauty salon travel boxes let youngsters take their fun on the road, so they can recreate a visit to the salon no matter where they are, and beauty salon aprons add a touch of reality to creative role play.

Nail Art Kit for Kids

Get the party started with nail art kits that bring a little shimmer into children's lives. Real nail polish allows for artistic experimentation, with sequins and stickers to add a bit of extra fun and glam. Try a metallic nail art kit to sparkle wherever you go, with real nail enamels and foil press-on nails, giving children options that are safe for cooperative play. Included sketch pads help kids learn to plan designs ahead of time, and extra sketch and doodle pads for kids unleash further creativity. Sticker nail art kits bring emojis into play to let kids express themselves.

Other Fashion Toys for Girls

Little girls can bond with their moms when they play with pretend makeup kits that include eco-friendly plastic lipsticks, powder brushes, hair pins and nail polish, all of which combine to create an opportunity for valuable role playing. Invite young fashion designers to stretch their imaginations when they dive into fashion design workshop sets that include tracing cards, pattern instructions and stick-on accessories. Fashion design travel kits let young designers mix and match textured fashion plates so they get a good idea of how to create a cohesive look, even when they're on the school bus or a family road trip.

Help kids take fashion into their hands with fashion toys for girls that provide all the materials needed to create their own accessories using skills like beading and wrapping. Little girls can choose between kits to create charm bracelets, necklaces, macrame accessories, headbands and enamel pins. Combine fun with learning the principles of chemistry when you choose a lab kit that lets youngsters create their own perfumes and cosmetics at home.




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