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Learning and Growing with a Drawing Tablet 

Start your child’s artistic journey with a doodle or drawing tablet that helps them develop a number of fine motor, math and drawing skills. Whether they’re not old enough to walk or are already in grade school, a sketch tablet can entertain and educate kids of all ages.   

Choosing the Right Doodle/Drawing Tablets 

Assessing your child’s ability level is the first step. If they already have a good grasp of basic doodling skills, then a tablet with a stylus is the right choice because it gives them more freedom when drawing. For younger and less advanced kids, the classic knob-based model works best. 

Size is also an important consideration. Smaller tablets are great for travel, whereas large drawing tablets tend to be best for home use. A smaller tablet might also be a good idea for a child with smaller hands who would have trouble with larger tablets. 

Benefits of Drawing Tablets for Early Childhood Development 

Doodling tablets, especially ones that use knob-turning mechanisms, develop dexterity and fine motor skills. These abilities are important to work on and can have impacts later on skills such as handwriting and drawing. Fine motor skills can also be developed with other infant toys

Another important step in development is understanding cause and effect. Discovering that actions can change the physical world is a milestone because it lets children start to interact with their surroundings. Drawing tablets can help improve children’s knowledge of this relationship. Sketch tablets with knobs teach kids that reactions can seem separate from the action but still be connected to it. 

Drawing tablets, along with other learning toys, are an important part of early childhood development. 

Drawing Tablet Games   

Playing games with sketch tablets is a great way for kids to entertain themselves while on long car rides or when stuck inside on a rainy day. Learning and playing new games with friends helps with the development of social skills. 

One fun way to use a drawing tablet is to play a one-line-each game. This game involves getting a group of friends together and passing the tablet around, having each person draw one line, creating a picture as they go. After everyone gets a turn, you can either keep drawing or start a new game.     

Many games can be played on a doodling tablet, and kids can invent new ones. Children love to create new games and teach their friends, and in the process, they grow their creative abilities.  

Pair a drawing tablet with kids and family games to play separately or combine to produce a new game.   

Levelling Up from Sketch Tablets 

As children get older, they may need more advanced supplies to fulfill their art needs. If it’s time to upgrade your child’s art medium, Walmart Canada has everything you need.    

Painting and drawing supplies are a great next step and let your child explore their creative talents. Or if you’re not quite there yet, colouring and art books are a perfect intermediate step because they teach the basics of filling in shapes and how to make consistent marks. 

Drawing tablets are fun for all ages and can be beneficial to children as they grow and learn. This classic toy is a staple of early learning because it teaches many valuable skills. 




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