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Slime for Kids 

Fun to play with and easy to stretch, slime is ideal for imaginative play and arts and crafts or for kids who enjoy touching and holding many types of objects. It moulds itself into containers, so it's easy to store, and it's lightweight, so it's easy to take along on vacation or when commuting. Whether you are looking for a unique way for your students to express themselves during art or you want to introduce your children to different mediums, a slime kit from Walmart Canada is ideal. 

Benefits of Playing with Slime 

Slime is a thick, sticky, gooey substance that is easy to pull and manipulate, and it provides an excellent way to teach children about viscosity, polymers and chemical reactions. The tacky feel may make slime ideal for children with sensory deficit disorders who enjoy touching and feeling a variety of different objects, and it's even possible to manipulate the substance with a spoon and other plastic tools for those who are sensitive to certain sensations.  

For some children, the art of holding, playing with and transferring the slime from one hand to the other can provide a potential calming effect in the same way as a fidget spinner. It's also an excellent medium for children who enjoy getting their hands dirty without the mess.  

Different Types 

At Walmart Canada, we carry many different kits and arts and crafts to satisfy a variety of children. Choose a glitter kit that lets you create scented slime in minutes, which is an excellent activity for children at birthday parties or during summer camp. Starter packs that let kids make different colours and textures of slime also help keep young hands busy on a rainy day. 

This stretchy putty can be purchased in bulk to fill up a classroom file cabinet, or you can choose from single packs to keep homeschooled children stimulated. From designs that fizz to neon colours, there are several solutions to choose from.  

Crafting Time 

Surprise packs are an excellent way to spend time making and creating fun with a child. Keeping children's hands busy can help them focus and may provide an excellent stress relief tool from classwork or during test time at school. Activity kits help children's creativity come through by allowing them to choose colours, glitter and other add-ins.   

In the classroom, science toys such as slime kits provide an excellent learning opportunity for children. When making the substances, you can talk to your students about molecules, mixtures and their reactions. You can also describe why the reactions take place and what causes the slime to form.  

Great for Gifting 

If you're looking for a unique gift to give a child for a birthday or to hand out as a party favour at the end of the school year, slime for kids is one choice. Small packs are easy to tuck into a backpack as a gift from the teacher at the end of the school year or use as a stocking stuffer during the holidays.  





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