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Building Blocks: How to Get Started or Add to Your Collection

Building blocks are a favourite toy for kids and adults of all ages. Kids building sets contribute to imaginary play while encouraging children to develop problem solving and math skills. Whether you're interested in stocking up on blocks for a child care setting or want to add to your own collection of construction toys, here's what you need to know about building sets.

Types of Building Blocks and Construction Sets

Toys and kits for building things come in a wide range of types. LEGOs and Mega Blocks offer interlocking pieces that make it easy to make semi-permanent structures or vehicles. You can buy basic kits with popular colours and block shapes, or if you're looking for gift ideas, you might opt for themed sets inspired by super heroes, horses, Barbie or other interests.

Blocks sets can also include things such as Lincoln Logs or Tinker Toys, which let kids construct buildings and other things out of wood. For the science-enthusiast who also loves to build, you might consider kits such as marble runs, which let children build things and then experiment with concepts like gravity.

When shopping for blocks and building toys, don't just think in terms of the set itself. Consider shopping for sets that are easy to integrate with other toys. Can the blocks be used to create towns for wooden train sets to pass through? Does the set lend well to being integrated into doll house play, or do you have enough construction materials to build a house or furniture for stuffed animals? Choosing building blocks that pair well with other toys, games or imaginative play helps ensure kids of all ages play often with the sets.

Choosing Age-Appropriate Building Kits

Some building sets are quite complex and come with tiny pieces. These may just frustrate younger kids, and small pieces are a choking hazard for toddlers. Make sure to consider the suggested age range for any building blocks you buy. A set marketed for 12-year-olds is unlikely to offer much for a 3-year-old.

At the same time, you don't have to rely 100 percent on suggested ages, especially if you know the child you're buying blocks for well. A 9-year-old with strong spatial and problem-solving skills may enjoy the challenge of a building set recommended for older children.

Some general considerations to apply when choosing age-appropriate sets include:

  • Choose basic plastic or wooden blocks or large interlocking blocks if you're looking for preschool toys.
  • Choose sets with some challenging but simpler designs that require small numbers of pieces for older preschoolers and children in the first years of school.
  • Gradually work up to more challenging sets as children become more adept.
  • Choose sets that work with interests as kids get older, such as architecture building sets or kits that let teens build things from favorite movies.

Must-Have Accessories for Building Toys

Accessories can make or break enjoyment of building blocks. Kids may enjoy toys to go with building sets, including small cars and trucks, action figures or dolls. Most block manufacturers also offer add-on and expansion kits, so you can add to your block collection over time to increase the options for things that can be created.

Perhaps one of the most important accessories for families with large block collections is storage. Consider investing in baskets, bins or plastic drawers to keep blocks organized and out of the walk spaces.


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