Dolls & Dollhouses

The Timeless Toy That Never Goes Out of Style

Many adults have fond childhood memories of playing with their favourite dolls. If you want your child to experience all of the fun and joy that dolls can bring, has a fantastic selection of hundreds of dolls and doll accessories for you to explore.

Dolls for All Ages

A doll is a comforting companion at any age. It will provide her with an opportunity to stretch her imagination, learn caring, empathy, and problem-solving skills, and work on her language skills. To find the ideal doll friend for your little one, consider her age and her interests.

Baby dolls, for example, are a fantastic choice for toddlers. They tend to be soft and plush and easy for toddlers to play with. Small children often continue playing with their baby dolls for many years.

By the ages or three or four, many children would also love to have TV and movie character dolls from their favourite films and TV shows. Princess and fairy dolls tend to be a big hit with preschool-aged kids as well.

Older children and early adolescents usually prefer fashion dolls. This category includes popular brands such as Barbie dolls and Monster High Dolls. Fashion dolls encompass a broad range of different interests, including fashion and sports.

Doll Accessories and Doll Houses

No good doll collection is complete without doll clothing and accessories. Little girls, especially as they get older, like changing up their doll's look and style. Different doll clothes allow them to act out a variety of real-world situations, such as going to school and going to work.

Little girls who love dolls often enjoy playing with their dolls in doll houses and with accessories such as furniture and cars. Doll houses come in different styles and sizes, so make sure you choose the one suited to her taste and to the types of dolls she has.

Whether you're looking for the latest Barbie or for a baby doll dress, you'll have no trouble finding the right dolls, doll accessories, and a plethora of other girl toys at Walmart Canada.




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