Make Playtime Fun with Dolls

Many fond childhood memories stem from creative play with plush pals or plastic figures. Dolls provide companionship when siblings or other loved ones are unavailable, and they encourage your child to create their own fun. With help from a few accessories and your child's imagination, a doll can transform an ordinary bedroom into a classroom, medical facility or beach vacation. Walmart Canada has dolls for every adventure, from pajama-clad babies ready for a bedtime story to long-legged Barbies planning a day at the mall.

Choosing the Right Doll for Your Child

With so many dolls available, you may wonder which one is best for the special child in your life. When shopping for a doll, consider the age of the gift recipient and whether they want the doll for cuddling, display or pretend play. Little ones may prefer plush playthings or Cabbage Patch dolls perfect for naptime snuggles, while school-aged kids often enjoy traditional plastic figures. Preteens and teens may want fashionable dolls they can display on shelves or desks as a reminder of their childhood. 

The size of a doll also matters. Young children may appreciate small dolls that fit easily in their arms or large, soft dolls that rival the size of teddy bears. Dolls with small pieces and removable clothing are ideal for kids old enough to play without putting plastic shoes or hair bows in their mouths. 

Encourage a Nurturing Personality with Baby Dolls

Help your child prepare for a sibling or improve relationships with friends at school or daycare with a baby doll. Young girls and boys learn skills that help them treat little ones with love and care as they pretend to bathe, feed and change the diaper of their beloved baby. You may even notice your child pushing the baby in a tiny stroller or rocking it gently to sleep in a bassinet while singing a soothing lullaby. A Baby Born baby is a good choice for kids who enjoy caring for their own baby.

Inspire Creativity with Dolls

Practice social skills, dive into the pool or explore the world with an imagination-powered plaything. Dolls take your child anywhere they want to go, and then also help develop problem-solving approaches. Listen carefully, and you may hear your child work out a disagreement between a Monster High doll and an LOL Surprise character.

Welcome Disney Princess Favourites From Beloved Movies

Bring the big screen to your child's bedroom with Disney princess figurines. Your child can belt out Disney tunes as princesses search for their princesses, laugh with friends or embark on quests to save their kingdoms. Disney Princesses are dressed in beautiful, vibrant gowns that mimic the attire worn in films for an authentic Disney experience every time your little one opens the toy box.

Enhance Adventures with Accessories for Dolls

Make the most of every occasion with doll clothes and accessories from Doll accessories include everything from shoes and purses to doll houses, cars, boats and scooters. Explore doll playsets for every personality, from feature-packed mansions to hospitals or classrooms. Outdoor-themed playsets let dolls go horseback riding, swimming or swinging with their plush or plastic friends.

Special Dolls for Your Collection

As your child grows older, dolls may earn a spot on the shelf rather than the toy box. Some fashion dolls, such as holiday Barbies, may never make it out of the box because they're proudly displayed in a bedroom or hallway. has an assortment of special dolls for hobbyists and collectors, whether you're shopping for a soon-to-be teen or enhancing your own collection with a new model.

Encourage your child's imagination with lovable dolls from Walmart Canada, whether you're shopping for a toddler or a preteen. Make your gift extra special with accessories and clothing that let dolls embark on memorable adventures with help from their favourite friend.




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