Battling Tops

Spin into Action with Battle Tops

Challenge friends to a thrilling spin-off with battle tops. These collectible toys let you mix and match components to optimize for attacks, defense and stamina. With thousands of possible combinations, you can create custom tops to defeat opponents and generate consistent wins. Find battling tops at Walmart Canada to delight any young fan.

Single Battle Tops

Single packs of Beyblade battling tops let you add to your collection one new top at a time. Inspired by the hit animated series, these tops are designed for interactive play. Tops are arranged in series, with different types having three, four or five parts that screw together to create a cohesive unit.

Bundles of individually packed single tops from the same series give you a set of tops with similar features to enable head-to-head match ups. Kids who enjoy collecting and challenging friends to exciting interactive matches might also enjoy trading card games

Multi-Pack Spinning Top Toys

Increase your battle top collection quickly with packs that include multiple tops. Whether you're optimizing for the ultimate defence or trying to create a top that spins longer than any other in the arena, you can use the interchangeable components to built your own toy. 

Lockers and cases designed to fit your spinning tops help keep everything organized. Cases with sturdy handles and secure locks simplify carrying when you're headed to a friend's house for a battle top play session. Look for a case with foam cut-outs inside to protect your tops during transport.

Starter Packs

Starter packs of battle tops include one or more tops and a matching launcher so you have everything you need to accept a challenge. Special light-up tops add extra visual excitement to your match, and bursting tops deliver a fun finale when you're head to head with a superior model. Starter packs also make great gifts for a new battle top player, and they're small enough to easily include in a kid-friendly gift basket along with some action figures and card games. Battle top warriors and vehicles with rip-cord launchers offer another option for action-based play.

Battle Arenas

To host a spinning top battle game, you need a stadium to keep the tops contained. Arenas designed for top battles feature high walls to prevent competitors from spinning out of control or escaping the play area. Battle sets include an arena and two tops to let you and a friend start staging competitions right away, and multi-level stadiums enable two- or four-player matches. Some arenas feature rails for extra spin and sideways action, and specific tops with performance tips are designed to ride the rails after a successful launch.

Battle Top Launchers

Launchers let you get your top spinning, and you can find left or right spin versions to match different tops. Included ripcords help you achieve the speed you need for a competitive battle. Some launchers measure the power of each launch to help you build your skills, while others offer a trigger mechanism to enhance precision when releasing your top.

Digital Battle Top Challengers

Kids who enjoy electronic games might be drawn to the digital version of spinning top battles. Many battle tops come with a code that lets you play spinning top games in an online app against friends or challengers from around the world. Some tops are Bluetooth-enabled for complete control over real-world battle action in your arena. 




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