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Board Games: Entertainment for Friend and Family Gatherings

Board games are an ideal way to spend time on a rainy day or add excitement and friendly competition to your late-night gathering. Walmart Canada is your choice for a board game store whether you're looking for adult options on game night or multiplayer games appropriate for the entire family. The right games can spawn hilarity between friends, boost communication skills or teach basic principles such as math or logic.

Types of Board Games

Walmart Canada offers plenty of options when it comes to game night entertainment choices. Word games are popular with adults and older kids. They put your knowledge of language to the test by requiring that you build words with tiles or cards, figure out words based on clues or get someone else to say a word by using descriptions, drawings or actions. Make sure you have plenty of quality writing utensils on-hand to support these types of games.

Strategy games pit the logic and wits of players against each other for control of the board or to see who can earn the most fake game money. Fans of video games often like strategy board games that mimic online or console play.

Other popular options include:

  • Luck-of-the-draw style games, which let you move across the board based on dice rolls or pulling cards.
  • Cooperative games, which group players in teams or alliances to accomplish specific goals.
  • Detective style games, which require players to collect data and draw logical conclusions to win.
  • Number and math games, which require players to use math skills and logic.
  • Puzzle games, which require players to use reasoning or spacial logic to take over the board or reach another goal to win the game.

Choosing Age-Appropriate Games

Whether you're planning ahead for birthday party entertainment or just like to have options ready for every day play, understanding how to pick age-appropriate games helps ensure everyone enjoys themselves.

Board games for young children, such as toddlers and preschoolers, tend to concentrate on skills kids that age will already have or be developing. Look for games that make use of color recognition, basic categorization and easy counting to move pieces around the board. Very young children won't usually understand strategical concepts, so you may want to avoid games that require planning more than one move ahead.

Games for school-age children vary widely in style and complexity. Look for games that grow with kids, letting them use increasing skills, such as those that let you make words with tiles. Luckily, most board game manufacturers mark their games with age suggestions, making it easier to understand which family-friendly games might work for different age groups.

Party board games marketed for adults only don't tend to be family friendly, as they often revolve around risque jokes or concepts like sex. These are the types of games you might want to pair with your favorite barware and adult beverages for an enjoyable evening in.

Board Game Accessories

Before you start the game, make sure you have all the right accessories on hand to play and otherwise enjoy the time. You can enjoy family game night at your dining room table or invest in card tables to set up in living areas when you have friends over. Then it's just a matter of gathering snacks, beverages and supplies like paper or notepads you might need for keeping score or actual play. Shop to find board games for any occasion and stock up on all the items you need to make game night special.


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