Pokemon Cards & Trading Cards


Catch 'Em All with Pokemon Cards

If you’re looking for a great hobby for your kids, consider gifting them some collectible cards. Whether it’s a game played with Pokemon cards that they can share with their friends or trading cards to swap at lunchtime, cards are an interest that enthralls many and often follow enthusiasts into adulthood.

Pokemon Cards and Trading Card Games

Also known as collectible card games, trading card games are strategy games played with specially designed decks of cards. Walmart Canada stocks starter decks for people new to the games, booster packs for those looking to expand their collection and sets that include both to really jump-start the enjoyment of the game. Each card provides text that describes its effects, and players build decks that use the strength of the cards they have while minimizing weaknesses. This teaches players strategy and planning.

Games based on cartoons and video games, including Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and My Little Pony, are popular among young players. Walmart Canada can also help you get started in the granddaddy of trading card games, Magic: The Gathering, a game with around 20 million players’ worldwide and professional players competing in international tournaments. These card games can introduce players to new people as they trade cards and compete to see whose deck is best.

Hockey Greats and Other Sports Cards

There are times when hockey fans can’t be playing or cheering on their favourite team. Hockey cards can help fill the time. Cards depict young guns from the current NHL season as well as legendary greats like Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux. Enthusiasts can trade with friends to get the players they want and may one day have the opportunity to get a card signed by their favourite player.

If you’re not into hockey, there are still cards for you to collect. Other sports like baseball and basketball also produce trading cards, so you can have the stats of your favourite player handy. Or perhaps you’re a wrestling fan and would like to start collecting the WWE Divas. Popular franchises like Star Wars and The Walking Dead also produce trading cards, allowing fans to show off how much they love the series.

Keychains, Figurines and Other Collectibles

One of the biggest draws of trading cards, including Pokemon cards, is that you never know what you’re going to get. Each pack you open is a surprise. You may get a rare card that none of your friends have or the third copy of a common card, but no two packs are the same.

These surprises can be found in other collectibles. Many brands make packs of figurines, keychains, light-ups and other items. Younger kids love the Paw Patrol keychains, and fans of Disney or DC Comics enjoy opening packets looking for their favourite characters.

Store Them Safely

The final item on your trading card shopping list is a way to store cards safely. Players of trading card games can look for deck boxes to easily carry decks to games and tournaments. Card sleeves also help protect cards while they are being shuffled and moved around during gameplay.

Some people may not need their cards to be ready to use but, instead, want to keep them as pristine as possible. Portfolios come with pages to house cards and are often decorated with scenes and characters from favourite games. You can also buy collector’s albums and pocket pages to hold your cards. To keep cards you wish to trade neat and easy to transport, look at card tins designed to hold trading cards.




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