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Playing and Learning with Baby Toys

Help your infant develop important skills while exploring with all five senses using baby toys designed to appeal to little hearts and minds. From soft plush animals to activity centres, these infant toys make playtime more exciting and engaging. Find baby toys at Walmart Canada that encourage interactive play and learning.

Classic Toys for Babies

Traditional baby toys fulfill a young child's need for play, offer comfort and stimulate brain development. Even the smallest infant can appreciate the soft feel of a plush giraffe, elephant or teddy bear, and flexible tactile baby books offer a variety of fuzzy, crinkly and silky textures for your little one to explore. Baby stacking toys and shape sorters help kids learn basic colour and shape recognition while boosting mental development with age-appropriate challenges. Mobiles that hang above a baby's crib provide motion and sound to capture your infant's attention and encourage relaxation.

Rattles and Teethers

Soothe sore gums with teethers that work as both a practical accessory for babies to chew and as a fun manipulative for infants to grasp and shake. Teething rings designed to chill in the refrigerator use the power of cooling to ease teething pain, and textured teethers offer various surfaces for your baby to rub against aching gums. Rattles introduce infants to the concept of cause and effect as babies shake the toy to produce sound. Baby toys that include teething surfaces, soft parts and an internal rattle offer multiple sensory experiences for your baby to enjoy.

Interactive Baby Toys and Teaching Toys

Teaching toys help jump-start your baby's educational process by providing immediate feedback when your little one presses buttons, turns knobs or pulls tabs. Interactive toys make sounds or produce light effects to delight your child. Encourage your baby's interest in music with an infant drum set or a xylophone, and use baby blocks to let kids practice stacking and building. Consider a bead maze to help build fine motor skills, or choose a pull-along toy to give extra motivation when your baby starts to stand and toddle around the room.

A play mat gives your infant a comfortable surface for tummy time and general play, and some models have attached toys or activities. Play stations and activity centres offer multiple modes of play to keep babies entertained for hours. 

Stroller and Car Seat Toys

When you're on the go, stroller and car seat toys provide entertainment and mental stimulation while you transport your child. Spiralling stroller toys wrap around the front bar to put interactive activities within easy reach while preventing accidental loss. Clip-on toys attach to your stroller, infant carrier or car seat, making them easy to remove and replace when you're moving from one location to another.

Toys for Bath Time Fun

Turn tub time into fun time with baby bath toys that encourage splashing, pouring and squirting. Infant toys designed for the bath include bobbing characters, boats that float and squeezable fish figures that send out a stream of water to tickle your bathing baby's belly. Classic rubber ducks are always a hit with young children and nostalgic parents alike, while bath toys resembling ferry boats or fishing poles provide plenty of entertainment through the toddler and preschool years. 

Bright colours and oversize features appeal to babies and toddlers, and waterproof designs make these toys safe for use in the tub. To keep things organized in the bath, choose a mesh bath bag that hooks to the shower wall to let toys drain and dry between uses. Bubble machines that produce a stream of delightful bubbles can be used as bath time toys or brought outdoors.




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