Electronic Toys for Kids


Electronic Toys Enhance Play Through Interaction

Electronic toys for kids provide age-appropriate gifts and rainy-day boredom busters for kids. Introductory smartphones and tablets let younger kids practice their vocabulary and typing while exploring educational apps, and game systems and STEM toys give older children a chance to experience popular video game franchises and learn about science and engineering. These entertaining and educational toys let children expand their horizons and discover technology and new ways to play as they engage the world around them.

Early Learning Toys

As infants and toddlers grow and begin to recognize colours, sounds and shapes, the right electronic toy can encourage them to explore and learn. Brands such as Leapfrog, VTech and Fisher-Price offer multistage learning playsets that adapt to children's individual development and provide the appropriate level of challenge. These toys introduce young children to the fundamental development skills of logic, reasoning and cause and effect and let them practice fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination intuitively.

Reinforcing School Lessons

Play makes it easier for children to process new information and incorporate it into their daily lives. Interacting with electronic toys helps children gain the skills they need to maneuver through our increasingly tech-centred world. Kid-friendly computers and kids' tablets provide a safe environment for young people to grow familiar with these devices, and games starring characters from beloved TV shows and movies can quickly capture and hold children's attention while introducing lessons in math, science and art.

Remote-Controlled Electronic Toys

Whether it's toys aimed at delighting young railroad engineers and "Thomas and Friends" fans or satisfying the need for speed in older kids, Walmart Canada features a wide variety of remote-controlled train sets, stunt cars and drones. A classic gift choice for the holidays or birthdays, electronic vehicles provide children with a thrilling way to play on their own or with friends. Customizable race tracks let children build their own courses and aim for their fastest lap times, and flying helicopter toys let them defy gravity and chase their dreams of flying.

Companion Pets

The addition of sound effects, movement and voice recognition has transformed the world of electronic pets. Voice commands make it easy for kids to interact with robotic dogs and train them to do various tricks, and music-themed toys invite children to get up and dance with them and sing along with their melodies. The rich variety of modern gadgets, including sparkling unicorns, colourful dinosaurs, jungle animals and furry-four legged friends, gives young animal lovers plenty of opportunities to find their dream pet.

Robot Kits

With the fields of robotics and coding ever expanding, introducing children to the science and engineering behind these technologies is more beneficial than ever. Construction kits and other electronic toys using robots come in simple forms to ignite the natural curiosity of younger kids and get them started in the basics and highly complex builds that provide a satisfying challenge to older children and teens. Programmable robot kits require the use of a computer or smartphone and give children a taste of the skills they need to pursue a career in technology.

Gaming for Kids of All Ages

The introduction of virtual reality and handheld-console hybrids continue to drive the evolution of video games. Walmart Canada carries a diverse selection of games and the systems needed to play them. Whether young gamers are jumping at the chance to try out the latest Super Mario Bros game or teens are itching to test their skills with a lightsabre in one of the many Star Wars titles, video games provide an easy, crowd-pleasing choice when it comes to selecting gifts for holidays and special occasions.




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