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Choosing the Right Wooden Toys for Kids

Wooden toys have always been part of childhood, long before the advent of synthetic materials and electronic toys. Most traditional wooden toy designs have been passed on from generation to generation, awakening fond childhood memories. Wooden toys are a great choice because they’re mostly eco-friendly, durable and safe. In addition, these types of toys are simple, ready to play with and devoid of the complexities that characterize technology-inspired toys. Walmart Canada offers a wide range of wooden toys that cater to different ages and interests, and you’ll surely find one that’s right for your kid.

Playtime for babies, toddlers, preschool kids and young children differ, and not all toys are suitable for all ages. While it’s recommended to check the packaging labels when shopping for kids’ toys, your parental instinct plays an important part in ensuring what’s appropriate for your child. Toys with small parts, for instance, are not advisable for babies and toddlers, as these are choking hazards. The choice of material is also a major consideration. With this in mind, many parents opt for wooden toys because they’re constructed from organic sources, which means lesser toxicity.

Age-appropriate Wooden Toys for Babies and Toddlers

At around 3 to 4 months old, babies’ playtime spaces are limited to their cribs. Keeping them happy and entertained in confined spaces is every parent’s challenge. One way to address this is to give them one of the most popular wooden baby toys: the rattle, which has traditionally been every baby’s first toy. As babies begin to acquire listening skills and appreciate colors and shapes, the joyful sounds emanating from a brightly colored wooden rattle are a source of amusement for them.

Toddlers 12 months and older usually start to develop their motor skills and cognitive abilities. Providing them with toys that offer educational fun supports this formative stage.  Wooden building blocks and puzzles that feature colorful designs of alphabets, animals and various shapes are a great way to spark a toddler’s imagination.

Wooden Toys that Cater to Pre-School and Young Kids’ Interests

By the time kids reach the age of 2, they begin to show their personal interests and preferences. Preschool kids and young children are usually fascinated with famous characters from fairy tales and storybooks. Reward your kids by helping them build a collection of wooden toys that features their favorite characters. The preschool age is also an ideal stage to let them play with simple learning toys. Colorful wooden puzzles are ideal for enhancing and stimulating their intellectual development.

As kids progress into school age, they may be interested in more complex interactive learning toys. Wooden board games help develop young children’s problem-solving skills and the ability to follow simple instructions. Parents can even join in the games and have competitive fun with their kids. Young children also love to engage in fun activities with their peers. Interactive toys that encourage group activities are a great way to cultivate their social development.

The Right Wooden Toy Provides Fun and Learning

While providing fun and entertainment is almost always your number one goal in shopping for kids’ toys, keep in mind that providing the right kind of toys helps tremendously in contributing to your child’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional development. With Walmart Canada’s wide range of wooden toys, you’ll never run out of great gift toy ideas that provide both fun and learning.




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