Novelty Toys & Gag Gifts

Liven up Parties With Hilarious Gag Gifts

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers and present toppers, check out the intriguing selection of novelty gifts at Walmart Canada. From fidget spinners to fake rodents, these gag gifts and unique gadgets are sure to get a laugh, gasp or groan from their receivers.

Enjoy Perpetual Motion With a Fidget Spinner

Are you one of those people who just can’t sit still without doodling, drumming your fingers or tapping your leg? Fortunately, there’s help at hand from Walmart Canada’s fidget spinners. These tiny toys, available in endless variations and colours, give you something to do with your hands during downtime. Look for three-pronged spinning toys with sports team decals, brightly coloured cubes and balls with multiple switches and buttons or glow-in-the-dark models that add an exciting element to spinning tricks.

Kids who struggle with boundless energy may benefit from these hand spinners while working on homework problems at home, and adults watching TV may find their hands less in the chip bag while playing with these addicting little devices. Regardless of who uses them, these tiny gadgets are great stocking stuffers and attach easily to bows and inside greeting cards, making them a nice add-on present.

Squeeze Your Cares Away

If you’re looking for a little stress relief, why not try a rubber squeeze toy? These adorable creatures come in a variety of shapes, hues and scents, and all are just waiting to comfort you. Place them in desk drawers, car consoles and next to the TV for use during nerve-wracking NFL or hockey games. These slow-rising toys provide a relaxing sensation as you squish them repeatedly. They also make perfect gag gifts for an uptight co-worker or nervous family member.

Kids love tiny squeezable toys too, and Walmart Canada’s food designs and big-eyed animals are sure to please all ages. The handy toys fit snugly in car travel totes and backpacks.

Money Gifts With a Twist

For a modern take on a traditional present, check out’s piggy banks and money jars. Although pig shapes still outnumber other animals, there are a surprising number of puppies, sheep, elephants and whales. Filled with cash or a check that can be used for baby essentials, these pastel-coloured banks make the perfect gift for baby showers and christenings.

Place a loonie or toonie inside a coin bank and watch youngsters’ faces light up when they realize they have money of their own to spend as they wish. Designs such as fire trucks, soccer balls and magic castles appeal to boys and girls alike. For unique gag gifts, fill toy banks with hundreds of five-cent coins, providing real cash with an amusing spin.

Entertain Guests with Gag Gifts, Funny Magnets and Magic Tricks

Gag gifts are just the thing for retirement parties, over-the-hill birthdays and Silly Santa presents. Spice up office parties with hilarious gag gifts for your boss and coworkers or trick your spouse over and over again with fake dog poo. Kids and adults always get a good laugh over unusual sounds, so stock up on whoopee cushions and fart putty for friends and family get-togethers.

Gift tag magnets with humourous saying are a great way to top off your gift. Find one that fits the recipient to a tee to show off your sense of humour. Magnets with inspirational sayings and seasonal pictures make a nice addition to refrigerators and filing cabinets and are inexpensive way to let family members know you’re thinking of them.

Whether your child is a budding magician or you want to add a new trick to your established repertoire, Walmart Canada has magic devices to amaze and astound watchers. Beginner kits, trick cards, floating matches and juggling balls help young and old magicians capture the attention of partygoers.

Up and Down with Yo-Yos

Yo-Yos are classic toys that have stood the test of time. Parents will enjoy teaching youngsters their favourite tricks with brands such as Duncan, Magic Yoyo and Yomega, and kids will love the cool colours and designs. Multi-pack yo-yos make great additions to party loot bags too.

Add a spark to your next party or gathering with some funny gag gifts and gadgets from Walmart Canada. You're sure to get laughs, and you might learn a new trick or two along the way.




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