Fidget Spinners


Improve Your Concentration with Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners are more than a source of entertainment. For children and adults alike, fidget toys can help relieve stress and anxiety and increase focus. This makes them the perfect addition to the classroom and office.

Fidget Spinners for Concentration

When spinner toys became popular, they started making an appearance in classrooms. Teachers and parents of kids with ADHD, autism and similar conditions noticed that the spinners helped those students concentrate. Fidget spinners are relatively unobtrusive and let kids burn off excess energy, giving them more room in their minds to focus on lessons. Walmart Canada has a wide range of fidget spinners. Let your child pick the colour, spin time and number of prongs that work best for them. They can even find spinners emblazoned with the logo of their favourite team.

Adults get many of the same benefits from fidget toys. In the past, you may have doodled during meetings, which stops you from concentrating on what’s being said. Or maybe you clicked a pen or tapped a foot, which may have stopped everyone else from focusing. Fidget toys give you something to do with your hands while your mind absorbs important information from your colleagues. If finger spinners aren’t your style, consider a fidget cube. This toy has six unique sides, allowing you to spin, roll and fidget to help you ease anxiety and focus on the task at hand.

Classic Toys for Fun

If you enjoy the faddish nature of the fidget spinner, has fun classic toys for people of all ages. If you remember how to walk the dog or rock the baby, you can pick up a new yo-yo and start teaching tricks to the next generation. Adults may remember the joy of pushing a Slinky down the stairs. No matter how old you are there’s still something relaxing about watching the toy turn end over end until it reaches the bottom.

If you’re looking for more of a challenge, it might be time to revisit the Rubik’s Cube. People who never solved the original may like to start there. Others can look to the new and improved puzzles, including cubes with more squares to align, puzzles in different shapes, and even Rubik’s Cubes you have to build yourself before solving.

Desk Toys to Relieve Stress

If you’re looking for more ways to relieve stress at home and work, desk toys could be the answer. The most well-known stress reliever is the stress ball. These squishy balls allow you to squeeze out your stress and are also an excellent way to exercise your wrists and hands. They come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find one you’re happy to have on your desk. If you’re still smarting about not solving the puzzle, the Rubik’s Cube stress ball is a great way to ease some frustration.

Other desk toys include spinning tops and handheld games. Having an electronic claw game or handheld roulette on your desk not only allows you a few minutes to switch off, but is a great way to connect with your colleagues as well. Your desk may become everyone’s favourite space.

Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Active

Another great way to help your concentration is through puzzles. Riddles, quizzes and number puzzles exercise your brain and help you think more quickly. Many people find that solutions and creative ideas come to them while they’re working on puzzles and similar games; their subconscious mind works on their bigger problems while their conscious mind is solving the issue in front of them.

Although breaking out a jigsaw puzzle on your desk might be a bit ambitious, has a range of games that can be played at work. Handheld electronic versions of quizzes, Sudoku and solitaire take up little room and give you the opportunity to let your subconscious mind come to the rescue.




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