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Encourage Active Play with Outdoor Toys for Kids

Outdoor play is essential for growing bodies and minds, and outdoor toys for kids get children excited about physical activity. An engaging outdoor toy helps ensure that your child gets enough fresh air and sunshine, and having something fun in the backyard makes it easier to get kids off screens and outside. Whether your child is interested in water toys that bring a splash of fun to summer or playhouses and swing sets designed for active social play, Walmart Canada has plenty of options for backyard fun.

Water Toys for Warm Weather Fun

When the weather gets warm, outdoor water toys help keep kids cool. Splash centres and sprinklers add a fun water feature to your yard, while inflatable or steel frame swimming pools provide a place to swim all summer long. Inflatable pool floats let you relax atop the water when it's time for a break. For younger children who can't swim yet, set up a kiddie pool where they can splash around under adult supervision and get comfortable around water. Older kids can take water fun anywhere with compact water blasters and water balloons.

Outdoor Games and Sporty Toys

Outdoor toys for kids with a sporty sensibility let young champions practice their skills and challenge friends or family members to a fun backyard game. From bean bag tosses to badminton sets, outdoor games provide exercise and fun for the whole family. Game combo sets include equipment for multiple sports to ward off the possibility of boredom, while classic sporting equipment such as soccer balls and baseball gloves let kids practice their skills between game seasons. Kids who prefer engaging in solo outdoor activities with a bit of a challenge might like pogo sticks, hula hoops and bucket stilts.

Swing Sets and Slides

Invite all the neighbourhood kids over for a backyard play date with swing sets that let multiple children climb, swing and slide at once. Smaller slides and swings sized for toddlers and preschoolers let littler kids join in on the fun. Simple metal swing sets and swings that attach to a porch or tree let you add classic outdoor fun to a smaller space, while large multi-level wooden playsets with built-in forts and a variety of activity spaces offer almost endless play opportunities for imaginative kids.

Kid-Sized Outdoor Living

Cute and sturdy outdoor playhouses let kids act out cozy cottage life with their friends, and kid-size plastic picnic tables encourage children to stop for a relaxing outdoor meal. Set up an inflatable bounce house or ball pit in your yard for a temporary play space that excites active kids.

Ride-On Outdoor Toys for Kids

If your kids feel a need for speed, battery-powered ride-on toy vehicles let them motor their way down sidewalks and driveways. You can find ride-ons that resemble real cars and trucks or ones designed to feature popular cartoon characters. Classic tricycles that rely on pedal power provide exercise and fast, fun forward motion. Push-around vehicles let parents control the motion while younger children enjoy the ride, while wagons work as both a fun way to transport kids and an easy way for children to move toys around the yard. Older kids and teens with a good sense of balance might prefer scooting around the neighbourhood on a hoverboard.

Creative Outdoor Play

Creative kids can express their artistic skills outside with sidewalk chalk or plastic tools that are great for designing sand castles. Sand boxes and water tables offer hands-on sensory play while encouraging fine motor development. A big bottle of bubble solution and some wands or a bubble machine delight kids of all ages and work equally well for solo or shared play.




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