Ball Pit & Ball Pit Balls

Trampolines and Bouncers to Get the Whole Family Moving

What better way to make use of your home's outdoor space than by getting the whole family exercising and having fun at the same time? Trampolines, bouncers, and ball pits are a fantastic addition to other outdoor activity toys and backyard climbers. Your kids will enjoy hours of fun while jumping around and burning off some energy. Walmart Canada carries an extensive selection of different types of bouncers and trampolines, making it easy to find the perfect one for your home.

Backyard Trampolines in a Variety of Sizes

Interested in purchasing a backyard trampoline but not sure if you have space for it? Don't worry, at Walmart Canada we carry outdoor trampolines ranging in size from 8 feet to over 15 feet in diameter. Just pull out the tape measure, decide how large of a diameter your backyard can comfortably accommodate, and then browse our selection of trampolines in the right sizes.

We also carry a variety of smaller trampolines specially designed for young children. They are typically intended to be used by only one to two children at a time and are great for helping young kids develop their motor skills.

Replacement Jumping Mats and Enclosures

Trampolines can last for many years, even with heavy use. Eventually, however, the jumping mat and mesh enclosure may start getting worn. At Walmart Canada, you'll be able to find affordable replacement mats and enclosures, as well as replacement safety padding. To help all of these components last longer, make sure you store them properly away in a dry place during the winter.

Inflatable Bouncers and Ball Pits for the Little Ones

Bouncers are an absolute hit among children at birthday parties and festivals. Your kids and their friends will get hours of use and fun out of a bounce house in the backyard, jumping and sliding to their heart's content. They come in a variety of fun designs, such as boxing rings and basketball courts, which are sure to inspire imaginative play.

A ballpit makes a great addition to a bounce house and a great activity centre in its own right. Since they don't take up much space, they're great for use in an indoor playroom as well. At Walmart Canada, you'll find ball pits featuring all of your child's favourite cartoon and movie characters, such as Thomas the Tank Engine and Lightning McQueen.

Elevate Your Heart Rate with a Fitness Trampoline

While you can certainly get a great workout by jumping on a regular backyard trampoline, many people who want to burn calories by bouncing opt to use a specialized fitness trampoline. These small, durable trampolines are made to provide a great workout to one person at a time. Help tone your tummy, legs, and thighs by jumping for a few minutes every day.

Jump on the Great Deals at Walmart Canada

Whether you're looking for a full-sized trampoline to put in your backyard, a smaller fitness version to use inside your home, or a bouncer or ball pit for your little ones, Walmart Canada is sure to have what you need at an affordable price.




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