Climbers & Outdoor Climbing Toys


Kids Have Fun and Get Exercise on Climbers and See-Saws 

Kids go wild for climbers and see-saws. Outdoor playsets let children put themselves in the middle of an adventure as a superhero, police officer, firefighter and other fun roles.  Kids climb ladders to enter lookouts, spot their friends through periscopes at round or square windows and zoom down slides for an exciting day at play. Choose a climber from the wide selection at Walmart Canada to help your children stay active mentally and physically. 

There are many different styles, colours and sizes of climbers to choose from when you shop online or down the street at your local Walmart Canada. The selection of see-saws and similar rides is enough to bring out the child in adult shoppers. Also, be sure to check the outdoor water toys to make a big splash at parties and play dates. 

Climbers for Toddlers 

Does your toddler love to climb on everything? For safe play that ties into toddlers' natural need to move and climb, an outdoor activity set with climbing walls, ladders and other fun features is the way to go. Little tykes have plenty of opportunities to develop their balance, coordination and gross motor skills. Toddler climbing toys provide hours of climb and slide revelry. For more sedate play, playhouses and cottages let boys and girls enjoy imaginary tea parties and other festive games. Some options even include a playpen to allow new walkers to interact with older siblings while protecting them from bumps and bruises. 

Climbers with Slides 

Some climbing sets have a single slide with a shady roof to keep kids cool on warm days. Others are combination units with slides, climbing surfaces and other activities to keep things interesting. Little explorers can pretend they're on an alpine adventure, and many outdoor climbers can help kids improve their coordination as they work hard to reach the top. The elation on happy faces is evident as they glide down the slide or conspire with their friends. Youngsters feel like they are on top of the world, even on low-built, age-appropriate pieces. An accompanying bench and other kids patio furniture might just do the trick when it's time to line the kiddos up for a well-earned snack. 

Pair your climbers and playsets with sandboxes and water tables where children can build castles and or splash around with toy boats. 

Climbing Toys 

From geometric climbing toys to ladders to climbing rocks for older kids, there's something for every age range. Climbers of various shapes and sizes provide endless play for toddlers and older kids, and many are made of fade-resistant plastics for durability and lasting colour. Though durable, you can find some surprisingly lightweight and easy-to-install climbing toys with interlocking posts and joints. Lightweight units are also easy to move around when it comes time to mow the grass or rearrange the backyard. 

Specialty climbers like the Skywalker Sports Geo Dome Climber with Swing Set Accessory are a great addition to your backyard play area. This dome and swing set combo has heavy-duty joint connections for excellent durability, and the swing set attachment includes unique features such as a saddle-seat swing, trapeze bar and basketball hoop.  

Teeter-Totters, See-Saws and Hop Bouncers 

Teeter-totters and see-saws are among the most fun toddler climbing toys. Some brands include a round ball to cushion the shock of hitting the ground when playmates get off the ride. Designed in eye-catching, intense colours that children love, these climbers help kids feel like they're defying gravity but are constructed with safety in mind. 

Whether you're looking for starter kits like climbers for toddlers or more advanced gear for older children, you're bound to find something you love in Walmart Canada's great selection of see-saws, climbers and slides. 




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