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Getting around has never been easier thanks to cool hoverboards and scooters. When it comes to the hoverboard, gliding around on what is essentially a self-balancing scooter is the futuristic, modern take on the classic scooter.

“Swag” is a word kids typically use when describing the style aspect of a hoverboard. It’s the must-have cool accessory that allows for quick travel and convenience, with most boards coming in around 20 pounds giving the user an ease of pick up and go. has a variety of hoverboards, including rugged off-roaders, at everyday low prices.

For those a little less adventurous or simply wanting a classic travel feel, scooters are a great option. Scooters are quick, lightweight and extremely versatile. A basic kick or push scooter is ideal for exploring the neighbourhood or meeting up with friends. Adult models generally have bigger wheels and decks, and are well-suited to getting mom or dad to work, to the gym or out for a few errands. And unlike a bicycle, most scooters simply fold up for easy carriage or storage. Walmart Canada has a great variety of scooters, including Disney and Star Wars, at great prices.




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