Outdoor Games, Sports & Activities for Kids


Banish Boredom with Kids' Outdoor Toys and Games

Move your family activities to the backyard or patio to take advantage of warmer temperatures and longer days. Whether it's baseball and soccer, pretend play or secret hideouts, kids outdoor toys from Walmart.ca help keep children active and engaged all summer long. Choose outdoor toys for toddlers that combine learning with open-air activities.

Little Ones Want to Be Just Like You

Pretend play is a great way for kids to imitate their parents or caregivers. Kid-sized golf clubs and gardener sets let preschoolers act out their greatest fantasy — becoming like mom or dad. After you finish your outdoor chores, watch your toddler happily trundle through the yard with their very own bubble-blowing mower or let them pick up extra leaves and sticks in a plastic wheelbarrow or cart.

Push vehicles — dump trucks, front loaders and excavators — are excellent outdoor toys for toddlers, offering youngsters the chance to play in sandboxes and gravel drives.

Kids Need Room to Bounce, Hop and Roll

Promote a healthy lifestyle with kids outdoor toys that encourage movement. Play Day’s jump ropes, flying discs and toss and catch games add excitement to everyday motions and help with hand and eye coordination. Colourful, inflatable balls are soft enough for beginning games of catch, helping kids prepare for a lifetime of sports.

Outdoor games with paddles and rackets emphasize the importance of teamwork and let youngsters start a fun backyard competition with mom and dad.

Getting from point A to point B is a lot more exciting in Walmart Canada’s ride-ons. Battery-powered convertibles and motorcycles, foot-powered coupes, scooters and bouncy hopper balls all provide a fun way to move along.

Promote Good Sportsmanship with Kids Outdoor Toys and Games

Walmart Canada has outdoor sports equipment that grows with your child. T-ball bats pave the way for youth bats, giving school-age kids a head start on neighbourhood and school competitions.

Little Tikes basketball hoops offer short arms a chance to dunk as they imitate famous players, and field hockey goals and sticks let little ones practice their favourite winter sport during the summer.

Make Friday Night a Family Game Night

Turn your backyard into an exciting challenge arena with an assortment of kids outdoor toys and games. Ladder, bean bag and ring toss sets, mini golf, and ten-pin bowling provide youngsters with chances to outplay mom or dad for the ultimate prize: the right to choose the after-dinner treats.

Giant checkers, glow-in-the-dark tic-tac-toe and bocce games are fun for adults and kids alike and are perfect for Canada Day get-togethers.

Every Child Desires a Secret Space

Playhouses and wooden swing sets with forts are fun, but you may not have the space to support these types of structures. Play tents come in all shapes and sizes, they’re easy to set up and tear down, and they give youngsters a place to call their own.

Check out Walmart.ca’s extensive selection of Pacific Play Tents for clubhouses, tepees and slumber tents. Crawl-through tunnels add an extra level of security to keep grownups out.

Everything You Need for a Group

Outdoor parties are often a little less stressful than their indoor counterparts. Champion Sports has rubberized kickballs, plastic hoops and flying discs in multiple quantities, so your munchkin guests always have the right equipment on hand. Parachute games are a hit at parties, and don’t forget to stock up on bubbles to keep the younger kids entertained. Help imaginations take flight with character kites, which are sold in bulk, so each attendee has their favourite superhero or cartoon character when they leave.




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