Kids Outdoor Playhouses

Outdoor Playhouses and Kids Furniture for Comfort and Imaginative Play

Outdoor play provides numerous benefits, including exposure to fresh air and friendship. And when you invest in outdoor playhouses andkidsfurniture to create inviting,colourfulspaces that provide comfort and inspire the imagination, you foster a love of outdoors in children. From tiny chairs to tents and pirate ships, Walmart Canada offers a wide range of outdoor furniture and playsets to serve children of various ages.

Kids Playhouses to Encourage the Imagination

The concept of the playhouse dates back decades, if not centuries, but modern options extend well beyond a mini-me of the adult abode. Today, you can choose from playhouses that look like small homes, barns and even commercial environments such as stores and restaurants. Choose a play barn that lets kids pretend to be farmers or stable owners, a giant plastic pirate ship so children can sail the high seas on safe grass or an easy-to-set up play patio or tent to shade kids wherever you need to.

Playhouses come in a variety of materials and models, so you can easily find the size and shape to fit your space. Choose plastic or rubber constructions for all-weather durability that's easy to hose off when mud encroaches on seats or slides. Wood is also a good choice for playhouses, and wooden structures can delight kids who are looking for a miniature version of the real thing.

Some playhouses come with extra functions and attachments, including swing sets. And if your kids want a bit more adventure and less domestic play, you might consider backyard bounce houses.

Outdoor Kids Furniture for Enhanced Hospitality

A playhouse is a great place for kids to entertain themselves or engage in imaginative play while the adults connect on decks or patios, but if you plan to host backyard barbecues or spend a lot of time in the sun with your family, consider investing inkidsfurniture too.

Small tables and benches offer a place for kids to conduct outdoor science experiments, engage in messy crafts or eat dinner while adults mingle in their own space. Walmart Canada also offers a number of children's chairs for outdoor spaces, including miniature versions of classic designs such as the Adirondack chair. Create a space just for the kids, or match your own patio furniture with smaller options so children feel welcome and able to join in with the rest of the family. 

Creating a Warm-Weather Oasis in Your Backyard

While you're looking to the backyard and deck, don't forget to invest in some toys and equipment that make the warm-weather months more enjoyable. Blaster toys let kids wage giggle-infested wars with their friends to keep each other cool, and sandboxes and water tables offer less rigorous activity for young children, who may enjoy learning about kinetic motion or feeling different textures against their skin. Water toys of all types can be a great match for plastic playhouses, which aren't harmed by soaked kids who need a shady place to rest between bouts of play.





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