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Ride On Toys for Go-Getting Explorers 

Ride on toys let kids develop a sense of independence as they scoot or speed around the driveway or yard. Whether your tot is trying out their legs on push-powered toys or you're investing in battery powered ride on toys for the tiniest of drivers, Walmart Canada has the vehicles that let your children explore their surroundings and develop new skills.  

Foot-to-Floor Ride On Toys 

Kids ride toys that are powered by foot-to-floor effort provide a number of benefits. They take a certain level of physical exertion to operate, ensuring kids engage in active, healthy play. They often come with working steering wheels or handle bars, which help kids learn cause and effect and develop major motor skills. Balance and coordination skills can also be enhanced by these types of ride on toys.  

Choose foot-to-floor ride on toys that are appropriate for the size and age of your toddler. Larger car-based designs can be bulky and difficult for the smallest or youngest drivers to manage at first, so you might want to stick with animals or other items on wheels that they can mount. Older toddlers, however, may love zooming around in open-floor cars. You can also start with kids ride on toys with extending handles, so you can push children around easily as they come to an understanding of how the toy works. 

Pedal Cars for Kids and Other Kid-Powered Vehicles 

Once kids can manage pedals, they can graduate to cars, bikes and tricycles that work on pedal power. Pedal cars and bikes let kids continue to develop major motor skills while speeding down sidewalks or across decks. Choose traditional-looking tricycles or opt for a pedal tractor, race car or other chassis to match your tiny driver's interests. 

Electric Ride on Toys and Cars 

Battery powered ride on toys are another exciting move up in the world of childhood motion. From miniature ATVs to Jeeps and sports cars, these electric rides let kids drive off into the sunset — at least until they reach the boundaries of the backyard and turn around to do it all over again. When selecting from these toys, keep the age and size of the child in mind. Choose cars and other vehicles the child can operate today but has room to grow into. Speed is also a factor; choose toys with lower speed limits for toddlers or opt for rides with the ability to toggle speed limiting functions so you can change it as children get older. 

Small ride on toys are great for indoor spaces, but as children grow, you can create large-scale playscapes in the backyard. Pair ride on toys with playhouses or kids furniture, and children can act out real-life scenarios such as trips through the restaurant drive through or arriving home after a day at work. Small tables and benches provide a space for kids to sit as they wait their turn in the car or riding toy, and swing sets keep them busy so there aren't fights about when the next driver gets a turn. 

Whether you're investing in a tot's first foot-to-floor vehicle or creating an exciting play area in your backyard, Walmart Canada has the toys and equipment you need. 




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