Swing Sets, Kids Slides & Climbers

Swing Sets Help Kids Have Fun And Keep Active

Exercise is an important part of every child’s day and Walmart Canada has a great assortment of swing sets, play structures and other indoor or outdoor activity centres to help encourage your children to keep active. Along with encouraging exercise, swing sets and outdoor play areas are a great way to build memories that last with your kids. In a busy, modern world, sometimes group activities and play get passed over for electronics and television, which means kids may be spending less time moving and engaging with others and more time stuck using digital devices. Help get your kids get moving with an outdoor play structure for the backyard.

Depending on the age and mobility ranges of your kids, there are many swing and kids slide sets to help encourage your kids to get moving. While older kids may favour swings and slides, there are also options for younger children, including small climber sets that mix fun, motor skill-focused games, slides and climbing elements. For families that are on a tight budget, there are many toys and inexpensive options to help encourage your kids to engage in outdoor play. No matter what age group your kids fall into, Walmart.ca has a wide selection of outdoor play areas and toys to suit your family’s needs.

How Much Exercise Do Kids Need Daily?

According to the government of Canada, it’s recommended that kids get at least 7 hours of moderate to vigorous active play per week, and at least 60 minutes of exercise per day. With the right play area or climbing wall, getting the recommended amount of exercise is easy. It might not sound like much per day, but as life gets busy and kids are exposed to new, flashy technology, it seems to get harder and harder to make exercise a priority.

It is also good to remember that many children learn by example. If they see that their parents are willing to play and engage in activities with them, then they will be more likely to exercise and have fun as a family. While it’s hard to keep active when life gets hectic, it’s important for your own health to keep moving and what better way to accomplish this than by having fun with your kids?

Encourage Indoor Activities During Bad Weather

While the summer months can help make it easier to keep kids active, when the weather gets cooler, it can be harder to encourage outdoor activities. Fortunately, there are a variety of indoor activities that parents can utilize to help keep their kids active when the weather isn’t great. If your hallways are free of obstructions, maybe consider letting your kids play hallway soccer. With two teams on opposite ends of the hallway, set up a “net” or “goal posts” with coloured tape, grab a soccer ball, and get your kids moving.

Indoor ball pits can help to keep the kids laughing and moving, while playing with pogo sticks, hoppers and hoops in the garage or game room can be another fun way to exercise. All it takes is a little creativity and some commitment and, before you know it, both you and your kids will be having fun together while also getting some exercise. It’s easy to keep your family active when you have the right tools and a little knowledge and Walmart Canada is there to help supply what your family needs to keep everyone moving and having fun.



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