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Jumping In: A Trampoline Buying Guide

There's a certain kind of joy that comes from bouncing around on a trampoline that's hard to find anywhere else. Whether you're watching your kids jump on a full-sized one in the backyard or you're shopping for a small one to add a little bounce to your workout routine, having a high-quality trampoline in your home is sure to bring a smile to your face. You can find trampolines of all sizes along with safety equipment and other accessories at Walmart Canada.

Backyard Trampolines

A backyard trampoline is a great way to help your kids’ burn off energy or to practice your own acrobatics. Typical sizes for a full-sized outdoor trampoline range from 8 feet to 15 feet in diameter, although smaller models are available. If you're buying a trampoline for the whole family to enjoy, be sure to plan ahead. Smaller models may seem perfect for young children, but they may not offer enough room for tweens and teens who want to engage in more active gymnastics. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the trampoline's weight rating as well. Most are high enough to accommodate multiple kids, but too many children can quickly exceed the maximum weight.

When shopping for an outdoor trampoline, be sure to consider durability. The jumping surface itself tends to be made of tough polypropylene no matter which model you choose, but be sure to pick one with a UV-resistant coating. A heavy-duty steel frame is also a good choice for a backyard trampoline, as it tends to resist rust and provide a sturdy base.

Fitness Trampolines

Even if you don't have room for a big backyard trampoline, you can add a little bounce to your life with a fitness trampoline. These mini trampolines typically range in size from 36 inches to 50 inches and are a great way to engage in some low-impact exercise. Whether you're just jumping in place or performing a specific aerobic or strength-training regimen, a mini rebounder can quickly become an essential piece of equipment in your exercise routine. Some models even have folding legs so you can easily stash them away in your closet or against the wall of your home gym to give yourself plenty of floor space for other exercises.

Trampoline Safety Accessories and Replacement Parts

While trampolines are a fun way to get some exercise, they do come with certain risks. You can find a wide range of safety accessories at Walmart Canada to help minimize those dangers, however. Net enclosures are a good choice for outdoor trampolines to help prevent kids from accidentally bouncing right off the edge, and spring covers are an essential safety item to avoid painful pinches from the heavy-duty steel springs that support the jumping mat. You can even find covers in fun colours and patterns to give your backyard a custom look. While you're at it, don't forget pads to cover the exposed steel frame. These simple sleeves can help protect against bruises and bumped heads if a jumper goes a bit astray.

Part of ensuring a safe and fun experience is inspecting your trampoline for signs of wear and damage. Rusted springs or worn jumping areas can break, but most models allow you to easily replace them with new trampoline parts. Replacement pins and locks for safety pads and nets are also available, which help ensure your safety gear stays locked firmly into place.

All-Weather Protection

An outdoor trampoline is a big investment, and there are some easy ways to help protect it. Consider a weather-resistant cover if you live in a harsh climate, particularly if you don't use your trampoline that often. These durable covers add an extra layer of protection against sun, rain, snow and wind. Look for easy-to-assemble models as well, which make them simple to disassemble and store safely away from harsh winter weather.

Anchor kits are another good protective measure. High winds can cause trampolines to flip or even blow away and may damage both the trampoline and nearby houses or fencing. Anchor kits can help reduce the likelihood of this happening and are easy to install. All you need to do is screw the spiral-shaped spikes into the ground, and then attach the straps to points on the frame.

From replacement parts to safety gear, Walmart Canada has the accessories you need to keep your trampoline in good repair. If you're new to trampoline ownership, shop our selection of backyard and fitness trampolines to get started.




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