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Roll Down the Road in Style in a Kids Wagon

Wagons are the workhorses of recreational world, serving as sturdy transportation while also acting as a stellar example of children’s toys that are as fun as they are functional. From wheeling your way down the boardwalk on a fun family vacation to touring around the neighbourhood just because, a kids wagon makes almost everything a little more enjoyable. Walmart Canada stocks a wide range of wagons to help you get where you’re going and ensure all your essentials are along for the ride.

Classic Kids Wagons

The classic four-wheel metal wagon almost seems like a childhood rite of passage. Parents pull their kids around the yard or down the street to their friends’ houses until one day the kids are big enough to pull each other and their toys. But these wagons aren’t only prized for their sentimental value. They’re handy for gardeners eager to take seedlings from the greenhouse out to the field or harvest their fall bounty and DIYers can carry a huge amount of paint and stains, tape, drop cloths, nails and other tools from the garage to the work site in one go.

As for brands, you can’t get much more classic than wagons by Radio Flyer. Most people can spot a Radio Flyer in a flash thanks to its signature red hue, but the company has upped their game by adding all-terrain cargo wagons, deluxe models, two-step wagons and even wheelbarrow-style options to their extensive portfolio. It’s a chance for anyone who loves Radio Flyer to explore new styles while enjoying the same time-tested quality.

Branded Wagons

Shout your team allegiance wherever you go with a wagon emblazoned with the logo or name of your favourite team. Throw on your favourite college football jersey, load up your wagon with your portable grill and grocery bags and tailgate before the big game with your loyalties on full display.

Folding Utility Wagons

You never know when you might need help hauling home your farmer’s market finds or transporting a tired kiddo from the beach to the parking lot. Slide a folding wagon for kids into your trunk and you’ll always be prepared for the unexpected. All-terrain wheels and telescoping handles add durability and comfort. Folding wagons for kids make life easier by giving you fewer things to juggle as you get everybody in the car. While you’re busy clicking your little ones into their car seats and sorting out snacks, you can rest easy knowing your wagon is already on board and ready to work.

Specialty Kids Wagons

Some occasions call for a wagon that goes above and beyond the simple lines and primary colours of a basic model. Wooden carriage replicas and ornate wagons tote flower girls down the aisle for a celebratory effect no guest will soon forget. Customize the cart with coordinating bits of wedding décor for an even more over-the-top result.

Other models evoke a bygone era or help bring fairy tales to life. You can give your little princess a ride in Cinderella’s carriage or buckle your budding car enthusiast into a wagon designed to emulate classic motor vehicles like the adorable Ford T Fruit Wagon.

Kids Wagon Features

As your family grows, your wagon needs may change, too. Whereas once upon a time a small wagon or open compartment provided ample space for your picnic basket or soccer gear, now you may need a 4 seat wagon roomy enough for your kids and their friends.

For added sun protection or to keep wind and rain at bay, opt for a wagon with canopy roof designed to ward off UV rays so your sunscreen has a little help. Some wagons come with seatbelts for safety, storage compartments (perfect for extra towels if you’re on your way to the pool) and even cup holders to keep treats close at hand.

Find the wagon that best suits your needs or explore other kinds of kid-friendly transportation at Walmart Canada.




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