Preschool Toys

Engage Young Minds and Bodies in Active Play with Preschool Toys

Preschool toys serve a variety of purposes. Primarily, they engage and entertain young children, promoting imaginative play and movement. But they often also provide secondary benefits including learning and skills development. Toddler toys such as outdoor playsets and ride ons help kids practice major motor skills, and art supplies put fine motor skills to work. Dolls, tea sets and figures help spark the imagination and encourage budding social skills, and technology and building toys introduce science and math concepts at an early age. Discover a wide range of preschool toys at Walmart Canada.

Outdoor Toddler Toys

Preschool toys that can be enjoyed outdoors offer kids the chance to spend time in the sun and get out extra energy by running, jumping and climbing. Invest in balls, dolls, toy cars and other toys that can handle some exposure to the elements and allow kids to set up in sandboxes, on lawns or near swing sets for outdoor play. Couple toddler tea sets or playsets with children's furniture such as picnic tables or playhouses for outdoor learning, crafting or pretend parties.

Preschool Learning Games and Toys

When it's rainy or dark outside, or you've simply had enough of fun in the sun, bring the crew inside to spend time with preschool learning toys. Little laptops designed with colourful keys and buttons make ideal partners during educational time; kids can play preprogrammed games that teach lessons about shapes, letters, numbers, animals and other age-appropriate topics. For quieter play, invest in wooden toys that let children build or problem solve, or stock up on puzzles or magnet toys to encourage development of spacial understanding. Blocks, activity puzzles and music toys are also ways to foster learning at early ages, and they tend to come with safe, colourful pieces to delight young children. When other members of the family or friends can join in, promote learning and social skills with board games that are appropriate for preschool players.

Preschool Toys for Every Age, Interest and Mood

Walmart Canada offers an enormous selection of preschool toys, so you're sure to find items that capture the interest of your tot. Browse our selection of dolls, which include stuffed animals, favourite movie and television characters and baby dolls that preschoolers can take care of and love. You'll also find a wide assortment of fashion dolls that can be dressed to impress and accessories such as clothing. Click over to categories that gather toddler figures or preschool action figures to find exciting toys and matching sets. Figurines made for play by preschoolers include points of articulation and accessories, so kids can re-create favorite movie scenes or act out imaginative scenarios. However, these modified versions of figures for older kids tend to have chunkier parts that are easier for little hands to grab and less complex articulation to cut down on frustrations. Keep young children active and entertained while they develop skills and learn with preschool toys from the wide selection at Walmart Canada.




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