Toy Blocks, Puzzles & Activities


Toy Blocks and Puzzles Sized for Little Hands

Build hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills with toy blocks and puzzles for toddlers and preschoolers. Bright colours and interesting shapes capture the attention of young builders, while the kid-size pieces are easy to hold and manipulate. Fill your child's toy box with activity toys, puzzles and toy blocks from Walmart Canada to encourage hands-on play.

Toy Blocks for Little Builders

Let your child practice stacking, sorting and balancing with toy blocks crafted to fit into small hands. Classic wooden blocks give parents a sense of nostalgia during family playtime, and modern building block sets offer precision shapes that let kids build castles, forts, skyscrapers and other architectural creations. Large plastic brick-style blocks made for toddlers and preschoolers encourage creativity, and the connecting pieces let children build high towers and stable structures that are easy to disassemble so the fun can begin again. Blocks in unusual shapes lay a foundation for future math education by helping young kids visualize how parts might fit together. Older kids might enjoy smaller building bricks or magnetic toys that let them craft more complex structures.

Puzzle Play Mats to Fill a Playroom

Add a layer of gentle cushioning to your play room floor with puzzle play mats. These interlocking foam tiles work as a flat surface for sitting, crawling, standing or running, and your child can also connect the pieces vertically to form large square blocks or columns. Foam puzzle mats with letters, numbers or shapes help reinforce learning concepts. The comfortable tiles also make it easy to define a specific play space, so kids have a designated area to spread out toy building blocks and playsets instead of leaving pieces all over the house. During family playtime, you can spread out a family game or puzzle on the mat and sit down with your child for some interactive fun.

Activity Toys and Puzzles

Activity toys and puzzles help kids develop important physical and mental skills. Shape sorters improve colour and shape recognition while providing hours of problem-solving fun, and activity toys that involve pressing a button or pushing a lever teach cause and effect. Rolling toys that come with blocks, balls or shapes encourage physical activity as the child pushes or pulls the vehicle across the floor. Stackers let kids practice recognizing shapes and sizes and boost skills related to organization and memory. Puzzles for toddlers and preschoolers introduce the idea of building a whole picture from smaller parts and help children develop pattern recognition.

Preschool and Toddler Activity Sets

Outfit a playroom with a set of toddler or preschool toys made to boost fine motor skills and keep curious minds engaged. Sets of classic infant and toddler toys provide age-appropriate learning experiences, while compact activity trunks let you bring multiple toys along on trips or play dates. Hanging activity toys attach easily to a stroller, while freestanding activity centres encourage kids to manipulate various parts to explore different sensations and cause reactions. Interactive toys for babies, toddlers and preschoolers offer learning experiences that grow with your child by providing an assortment of challenges for kids to tackle as they master new skills.




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