Preschool & Toddler Outdoor Playsets

Popular Playsets for Hands-On Fun 

Put fun in the palm of your child's hand with playsets designed to engage young minds and provide hours of interactivity. Small figures and accessories provide endless options for creative play, and themed sets give kids a well-defined setting for their playtime explorations. Find kids playsets that spark the imagination at Walmart Canada.  

Engaging Activity Centres 

Activity centres designed for babies and toddlers introduce young children to interactive play. Attached pieces that turn, stretch or pop out help kids develop fine motor skills during play sessions, while rattling and beeping noises keep easily distracted children engaged. Musical toys and instruments introduce kids to concepts of sound and rhythm at an early age. 

Playsets Featuring Cartoon Characters 

Entice your child away from the TV with kids playsets featuring characters from popular cartoons. Sets designed to resemble castles, playgrounds and cottages let kids act out scenarios from their favourite shows. Sets with sturdy oversize pieces let younger children explore character-based play before moving up to classic action figures

Superhero Playsets 

Thrill young superhero fans with playsets showcasing well-known crime-fighting characters. Towering headquarters serve as your child's base of operations, while the familiar figures let kids re-enact specific movie or television show scenes. Toy sets depicting heroes and villains from popular science fiction and action-adventure films ensure that there's a set for any young fan. You can also find sets featuring real-world heroes, such as police officers and fire fighters. 

Roleplaying Toys 

Toy playsets with pieces designed to mimic real-world objects encourage kids to play pretend. Sets that include toy shopping carts, food items, cookware and cleaning supplies let children act out the everyday activities they often see grownups do. Costume kits transform your child into a pirate, princess or doctor for the day, while large playsets such as toy kitchens and work benches offer an immersive imaginative experience. 

Exploratory Outdoor Play Scenes 

Some playsets let kids act out outdoor adventures. Barnyard scenes, camping toy sets and Arctic exploration bases offer outdoor-themed play even on rainy days. Sets depicting towns and roads help kids visualize their neighbourhoods and build an understanding of maps, while airplane toy sets let kids re-experience a recent flight or anticipate a future trip. 

Self-Contained Kits  

When you're on the go, self-contained playsets with pieces that fit into an included case make it simple to take toys with you. Some fold-out cases change into a play surface or structure when opened for even more fun. Miniature fold-up sets offer expansive fun in a compact package that's easy to carry or tuck into a travel bag. 

Learning Sets  

Help kids learn while playing with sets that include an educational component, such as pieces with letters or numbers printed on the surface. Pair this type of playset with toy blocks, puzzles and activities to reinforce concepts. 

Plush Playtime 

Toy sets featuring plush pieces add soft snuggles to play sessions. Sets with a fabric figure and themed accessories are great for both active play and spontaneous hugging. Plus, kids can use the squishy fabric toys from the set with other stuffed animals and plush toys to invent unique situations and scenarios. 




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