Preschool Toddler Dolls and Accessories


Dolls and Doll Accessories to Inspire Imagination

Getting lost in imagination is part of childhood, and preschoolers can spend hours building imaginary worlds with their dolls and doll accessories. Dolls and accessories designed for smaller hands, with easy-to-use clothing and parts, promote independent play. From dressing up a favourite toy as a royal princess headed to the ball to taking knights to battle against an imaginary foe, having a wide selection of preschool and toddler dolls on hand sparks the imagination and creates hours of play time. Whether you’re searching for doll accessories to add to your existing collection or are starting a preschool doll toy collection from scratch for your little one, Walmart Canada has the right toys and accessories to inspire your child's desire to pretend.

Baby Dolls Encourage Nurturing Behaviour

With a baby doll, toddlers and preschoolers follow their parents as they pretend to feed, burp and change their own babies, nurturing their natural caring instincts. By playing parent to a tiny baby doll, children grow the empathy and love they will need as parents in the future. Add in the doll accessories, like baby bottles, clothes and baby care supplies, and you can create an entire toy nursery at home to promote these important skills. has a variety of baby dolls for your selection, including traditional dolls, dolls you can feed and soft dolls that are perfect for snuggling with at night.

Princess and Fairy Dolls for the Imagination

If your little one’s imaginary world is filled with princesses and fairies, the right collection of princess and fairy dolls can make it all that more vibrant. From styling hair to swapping dresses, children can create a make-believe world with these beautiful dolls and their accessories. You can build a collection with fashion doll-sized princesses, smaller dolls with easy-to-manage clip-on clothing or larger toddler dolls. Whether your little one is enchanted with Disney's princess crew or you prefer something generic to let the imagination soar, like you can find with Melissa and Doug dolls, choosing princess and fairy dolls for your child may open the door to endless tales of bravery and romance.

Doll Accessories to Encourage More Play

Preschool dolls create the perfect starting point for hours of play, but accessories take that play to the next level. Walmart Canada has doll accessories for baby dolls, fashion dolls, princess dolls and more. Encourage your child’s imagination and exploration with doll feeding sets, doll strollers, clothing and hair brushes. Does your child’s doll need a friend? Choose from horses, dogs and cats that are perfectly sized to be a pet for a doll.

Fashion Dolls to Explore the World

Be an astronaut today and a veterinarian tomorrow. With today's fashion dolls, the only limit is your child's imagination. Encourage your child to style the perfect outfit and create imaginative worlds for dolls to explore with doll houses and other supplies. With traditionally sized fashion dolls, such as Barbie, and larger dolls, such as Walmart Canada’s My Life As line, you can find the perfect fit for the skill and interest level of your child. Both doll sizes come with a full complement of clothing, pets, vehicles and other accessories to build your child’s imaginative world.

Characters Your Child Loves

For many preschoolers, the characters they see in books and on TV are their favourites. Why not give them the opportunity to take their characters off the screen or page and enjoy some playtime with them? Whether it’s Cailou, Masha and the Bear or Peppa Pig, your child’s favourite characters can come to life in their toy box. Walmart Canada has a wide selection of TV and book-inspired preschool doll toys and accessories for you to choose.




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