Toddler Figurines


Toy Figurines to Support the Imaginative Storytelling of Toddlers

Playing with toy figurines allows kids to make scenes and stories based on real life or out of their imagination. As toddlers gain awareness about different kinds of people, animals, and other creatures, whether real or fictional, they become fascinated with character figures that can help them act out various scenarios. These scenarios encourage young children to practice their speech, motor skills and ability to initiate interactions. For fun playtime and creative storytelling, Walmart Canada offers an array of appropriate character and animal figurines for toddlers. Give them as special gifts, game prizes, loot bag fillers or just because.

A Diverse Selection of Characters and Themes

Each child takes a unique approach in playing with toy figurines and may have certain favourite characters. A toddler's preferences can come from children’s movies, video games or cartoon TV shows like PAW Patrol and Top Wing. They can also be from an original line or licensed series of a certain brand like Little People and Imaginext by Fisher-Price. Animal figurines for toddlers are also a big hit because animals easily fit into almost any story a child can imagine. They include fictional animal characters like superhero pets, and there are lifelike ones such as dinosaurs, farm characters, jungle animals and sea creatures.

Many Ways to Play With Toy Figurines

Aside from a kid’s imagination, the features of a toy figurine can offer different experiences that enhance playtime. Toy figurines for toddlers can have movable arms, legs and heads for making simple poses such as sitting and waving, and some non-movable figurines may be squishy or squeezable to entertain curious tots and help strengthen their little hands. Plush figurines make huggable companions that toddlers can take to bed and on family trips, while battery-operated ones can produce movement, lights and sounds for interactive play. Figurines that come with accessories, vehicles and other items offer a variety of play ideas. There are also figures with removable and interchangeable parts. Mr. Potato Head, for example, helps toddlers learn about body parts and brings out their curiosity and silly side by interchanging pieces.

One Character or More

For more options, single and multipack toy figurines are available at Walmart Canada. Individual toy figurines may be special-edition items, collectible variants that make up a themed series or add-on characters for playsets. They may come as one piece or with cool accessories like vehicles, costume parts and tools to give the characters more things to do in a toddler’s playtime story. Blind bags add a surprise factor that makes them fun to collect, and they may contain singles or pairs, for example, those from Kitty in My Pocket. Multipack figurines make great starter sets for little ones to help them act out scenes that involve group activities and interactions with different characters. Animal figurines, such as those from the classic Disney film Lion King, are ideal options for multipacks, allowing kids to create farm, zoo, jungle and other lively animal environments. Some playsets such as those from kid connection and Peppa Pig include multiple characters with accessories and environment components for a complete scene.

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