Kids' Baking & Cooking Sets


Encourage Culinary Arts with Baking Toys

From tiny ovens that ensure little cakes rise to plastic baking toys for tots, Walmart Canada offers the supplies you need to encourage sweet culinary arts in kids of all ages. Baking toys for girls and boys let kids interact with kitchen tasks that keep them excited about the cooking process and even learn some basic science such as food chemistry. Let your little chef strap on a colourful apron and go to work serving imaginary tea and crumpets or baking actual cakes and whoopie pies they can offer up at the family dinner table.

Baking Toys that Really Cook

Easy Bake ovens and accessories let small chefs to go work on very real culinary creations. Your child can proudly display his or her final products to family and friends when they make items such as red velvet cake, chocolate truffles or even cheese pizza. Easy Bake offers a number of refill sets with ingredients and instructions for making a wide assortment of treats, so you can keep the creativity flowing. You may also supplement the products with general pantry baking supplies once you know the recipes.

After learning the essentials of baking with a smaller oven, children may be ready to graduate to full-size bakeware in the family kitchen. Remember to supervise children anytime they are cooking to ensure safety and help them learn new culinary skills.

Play Kitchen Toy Sets

Not everyone is interested in or ready to begin miniature baking sessions. Smaller children may want to start with play kitchen toy sets that include plastic pots,plates and cups. You can also invest in pretend food to stock a playset refrigerator or pantry. These types of toys are ideal for play when adults can't supervise every moment, because they tend to come with safe edges and don't require any actual cutting or heating. They also offer toddlers and young elementary school children the opportunity to engage in social play, learning to serve each other, plate food and ask for things that they want.

Choose baking toys for girls and boys that provide some creative options, such as wooden or plastic cake or cupcake sets that let kids mix and match layers and frosting. Other options include toy pizza sets that let kids stack their own toppings or bakeware sets for pretend ovens.

Tea Sets for Children

Tea sets are a favourite among all types of children, and you can pair them with baking toys for a complete imaginative play experience. Allow children to set a tiny table with actual baked goods from their own ovens or pretend foods, and encourage them to serve each other, you or their dolls or stuffed animals.

Cooking toys foster the imagination, provide an outlet for creativity and help kids get a handle on one of the activities that people handle every day. When coupled with kitchen playsets or tea sets, they can also improve social and communication skills and teach about sharing and caring for others. Enjoy the benefits of baking toys for kids when you shop the selection of sets at Walmart Canada.




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