STEM Toys: Encouraging Education in a Spirit of Fun

STEM toys are play things and sets that encourage exploring concepts of science, technology, engineering and math. While STEM for kids might have you thinking of robotics toys or chemistry sets, STEM toys actually come in a much wider variety. From building blocks to cooking sets that aim to teach basic chemistry concepts, you'll find science and math toys at Walmart Canada to delight kids of all ages.

Science STEM Toys

Science kits provide ways to introduce young children to the miraculous, wonderful world around them. Start with the ooey-gooey goodness of slime kits and work up to kits that let children create their own volcano using chemistry or build various parts of the body as they study human anatomy. Our science kit selection ranges from anatomy and biology toys to teach kids about their inner worlds and the ecosystems around them to astronomy toys that take their imaginations into outer space. Geology and physics also get their own categories to ensure a comprehensive selection of educational kits.

Technology STEM Toys

Children with an interest in coding, electricity or robots may enjoy technology toys. Shop tech toys and kits that let kids turn the family laptop into a robot control system or learn coding for animation or other purposes. Older kids can build their own tablets, create circuit devices or design a trebuchet and program it to hit the bulls eye. Younger children might like to start with magnet play or simple robots that offer lessons on shapes, numbers and letters.

STEM for Kids Engineering Toys

Encourage problem solving skills in children of all ages with engineering toys. Start with basic gear systems that teach children the cause-and-effect relationship between parts and graduate slowly to complex building sets that let young engineers master a variety of skills. These toys can be as basic as water wheels and slides that toddlers can pass sand, water or marbles through to begin to explore kinetic energy and as complex as circuitry kits that let kids light up a board or play music at the press of a button once they complete the build.

Math Toys

Build a positive foundation for math excellence with toys designed to teach numbers, patterns, currency concepts and other math skills. From play money and flash cards to complex algebra balances that let kids solve visually for X, math toys take the mystery out of a subject that many find scary. When kids play with these concepts at home and in the classroom, they're more able to understand them in books and on paper.

Children learning STEM concepts is critical to success in today's world, even when they don't end up going into math or science occupations later. STEM toys and games are a great way to encourage learning and make early education fun. And because Walmart Canada carries such a wide selection of these kits and toys, you can easily find options to continue the love of learning as kids grow.




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