Math Games & Toys for Kids


Math Toys to Make Learning Fun

Math is a subject we use every day. When we buy something, we use math to count how much money we have and calculate how much change we should get. We use it for work, balancing our checkbooks and doing DIY projects. Because math is in everything, it's important to provide kids with a strong mathematical foundation. Walmart Canada has the math games for kids and imaginative play math toys to help kids of all ages learn numbers and higher-level math concepts.

Currency Simulation Math Toys

Currency simulation toys help build a foundational knowledge of money, which kids will use for the rest of their lives. Understanding how currency represents material goods and services is essential for young minds, and currency simulation math toys teach how this relationship works.

Knowing how to efficiently add change is a skill that will give kids an edge in day-to-day life. Playing with fake currency is a great way to practice this quick math. Simulating monetary transactions with other kids can also improve social skills. They learn how to discuss price and politely make a purchase, and young kids enjoy manning toy cash registers in pretend restaurants and grocery stores.

Many board games also involve currency simulation and concepts of buying and selling, and family game nights can include conversations about how money works.

Math Games

Math games for kids are helpful in the classroom because they make the learning process fun and easier for the student and the teacher.

Kids tend to be competitive, so playing games that involve prizes, such as chocolate, helps get them engaged. Trivia style games are great to play with flash cards, or you could play bingo where the answer is the number in the square.

Having kids write their answers and work on dry erase boards is a great way to cut down on paper use when playing math games.

Math Learning Resources

Math learning resources engage students in lessons and help them learn by creating a physical connection to the abstract concepts of math.

Coordinate plane peg boards help teach basic algebra and geometry concepts by letting students draw lines and curves with rubber bands. Physically making the lines increases children's knowledge of how the points in each shape or curve relate.

Base 10 block sets show young mathematicians the correlation between arithmetic operations and geometry. Stacking like blocks shows multiplication, and putting unlike blocks together shows addition. These blocks are sized by order of magnitude to reflect the base 10 number system.

You can also get creative with some craft supplies to make your own learning resources. Having students cut and fold construction paper into different geometric shapes or draw the unit circle on paper plates is a tangible, fun way to teach a difficult topic.

Flash Cards

Flash cards are a classic studying tool and great for developing arithmetic skills. All math is built on a strong understanding of basic math facts, making them extremely important to children’s success in higher math.

What makes flash card so effective for memorizing times tables and other math operation is spaced repetition, which involves repeatedly teaching information with decreasing frequency. This method causes deep memories to be made that won’t fade over time. Scheduling certain days in a planner to consistently practice is helpful for maintaining spaced repetition.

Walmart Canada has everything you need for teaching math in an enjoyable, educational way.




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