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Science Toys for Curious Kids

Science toys help kids learn more about the world around them while having fun. From life cycle models to science kits for kids, these educational toys are designed to engage young minds. Help curious children develop critical thinking skills and explore scientific topics with science toys from Walmart Canada. 

Biological Models 

Future doctors, veterinarians and zoologists can learn about the life sciences with biological and anatomical models that provide a view of internal organs and structures. Anatomy toys that pop open to reveal the inside of a brain, heart or cell help older kids study for biology tests, while anatomical animal models let kids explore how different creatures' bones, muscles and organs look. Snuggly plush microbes are a cute addition to a young biologist's stuffed animal collection. 

Outdoor Science Toys 

From bug nets to small cages, outdoor biology toys give kids the ability to study the creatures that live outside, and microscopes provide a detailed view of leaves, feathers or other small objects collected during a nature walk. When the sun sets, outdoor fun and learning doesn't have to end. Telescopes and binoculars designed for kids provide a close-up view of planets and stars, while star charts help them find specific constellations. 

Science Kits 

Encourage in-depth investigation of specific science topics with science kits for kids. General kids science kits include a variety of experiments covering basic scientific concepts, while more specialized kits focus on subjects such as dinosaurs, volcanoes, food science or weather. Some kits combine science and art activities to blend STEM concepts with creative play. Other kits teach the science behind things kids encounter every day, such as bath soap, candy or slime. 

Electronic Exploration 

Science toys that teach electronics give kids a solid foundation for later school classes or extracurricular activities. Snap-together circuit kits impart important concepts in a kid-friendly way and provide room for creative play as kids arrange and rearrange the pieces to create different effects. Building kits for assembling remote-control machines and robots let children craft their own toys. Technology toys that teach coding, mechanical engineering and robotics help prepare kids for the future. 

Toys Showcasing Earth and Space 

Children are naturally curious about everything from the stars in the sky to the ground beneath their feet, and science toys help answer eager kids' questions and give them new avenues to explore. Rock collections, volcano models and fossil dig kits offer an engaging introduction to the earth sciences. Astronomy toys, including solar system models and night sky projectors, make great gifts for kids who love learning about space. Stick-on stars that glow in the dark let your child transform walls and ceilings into a gorgeous celestial display. 

Learning Resources for Science Lessons 

Posters and models depicting science concepts serve as a visual reference for classroom or homeschool use. Show kids an insect's life cycle stages using a handheld model, or point out the layers of the earth on an educational wall poster. Experiment kits, easy-to-assemble weather stations and ant farms also work equally well as in-school activities or fun at-home science toys. Kids science books encourage self-directed learning for children who want to know more about concepts introduced during formal lessons. 




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