Anatomy Toys


Learn About the Body With Anatomy Toys 

Make playtime an opportunity for learning with anatomy toys. Almost all children are curious about how the human body works. Playing with age-appropriate toys is a great way to help kids learn about different organs, tissues, systems and body parts. Younger kids use play-based learning to start understanding themselves and the world around them, while older kids benefit from the hands-on learning experience they gain from toys like anatomy models or diagrams. 

Anatomy Toys for Hands-On Learning  

Children often have many questions about how their bodies work. Though kids may be told about how different body parts work at home or at school, many children gain a greater understanding and remember more details about what they have learned when new concepts are introduced in more than one way, such as by reading a fact about the body on an anatomy diagram and then playing with a toy that shows how that body part works. An anatomy model is a good example of a hands-on toy that helps kids see how systems and organs work together to create one amazing human body. Combining multiple ways of learning helps kids better understand complex concepts and gives them a head start on advanced school subjects. 

Anatomy Toys for Medical-Themed Pretend Play 

Pretend play is one of the first ways young kids explore the world around them. Imagining that they are a doctor may help ease a young child's fear of their paediatrician visits. Or if your child wants to be a doctor or nurse when they grow up, medical toys are an ideal way to encourage pretend play. Anatomy toys like skeleton models or models of the circulatory system help create a convincing doctor's office atmosphere. For older kids who are serious about wanting to pursue medicine as a career, anatomy toys can help them gain and reinforce the knowledge they will need to be successful in the future. Of course, aspiring doctors also need to make sure they study their biology and chemistry too, so don't forget to check out Walmart Canada's great selection of science toys.   

Animal Anatomy Toys 

Learning about the human body is great, but animal-loving kids may have questions about how animal bodies work too. Give them the information they are looking for with animal anatomy toys. Aspiring vets may enjoy models of animals such as chickens or pigs.  For kids who love to build things, consider anatomical dinosaur models that let them pretend to be a palaeontologist and make their own dinosaur from an assortment of bones while learning interesting dino facts.  

Science Experiment Kits 

STEM toys are some of the most popular educational toys for modern kids who are surrounded by technology. Inspire future scientists with their own anatomy-themed science experiment kits. These fun and educational kits help kids learn details about how the body works by getting them in on the action and making them feel like real scientists. Kids can perform hands-on experiments like measuring lung capacity, designing working stethoscopes and using digestive enzymes to see how they work on different nutritional components. Shop for these educational toys and other learning essentials at Walmart Canada. 




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